for the mouse house

The restoration and decoration of the mouse house, 
the mouse house to be precise, has started. 
I've been making few more pieces. 
A asked me to make a basket to hold the magazines 
she made out of cuttings. It came out so cute that 
she asked for another one. 
This mouse house has proven to be the best toy 
I made for her, it gives me the chance to get her used 
to a certain natural style! also it's almost
four years that we are playing with it 
and so far we are never tired to do, undo and redo.

Another great little house found via Xenia


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TnT said...

This is sooo cute :)

Me, my sisters and brother have been always re-making our doll house with painting the walls, making new furniture or food for kitchen when we were little.

But our wasn't that beautiful.

Such fun!

naa said...

awww so cute!
Good job! I see why you two have such fun playing with this mouse house! :)

S. said...

c'est adorable !
bonne semaine à toutes les deux, bises !

Anonymous said...

so sweet little basket and magazines!
this mouse has so much style and good taste!

alessandra said...

Thank you ladies, have a good week too! xxxx

jana said...

oh my alessandra, i love everything about this. tiny wonderfulness.

Maria said...

I agree with jana-i love everything in this post here

Anonymous said...

lovely post!

Lollipop said...

everything is wonderful.
anita is a lucky girl...

take care

eau de nil said...

i can see why Anita wanted a second basket! your mattresses, your blankets, her magazines, the mouse-knitting - they warm an adult heart, let alone a child's. have a beautiful day, dear Alessandra

Anonymous said...

i love those little things!

Gabriela said...

I join everyone on the paean to this post and blog as a whole! Stunnigly beautiful quilt and doll houses, I admire everything wholeheartedly.

alessandra said...

Thank you all! x

alessandra said...

Thank you all! x

Patrice A. said...

my father made a beautiful dollhouse
years ago for his first grandchild
your images makes me want to make
one too

thank you!!
Patrice A.

explodingcucumber said...

Did you make the knitting needles too? I love them!

alessandra said...

explodingcucumber, yes i did! with toothpicks and beads, then I knitted a bit with lace wool and made the yarn ball :)

Les petites choses de la Madame said...

Ohh I love it! this is adorable, so sweet, it would be to slip into! ^^

Kaylovesvintage said...

so cute