a bunch of creatures

I'm preparing a workshop I will do in march in a wool shop in the Cambridgeshire area. 
It's an amigurumi workshop to be precise. Since it has an Easter theme,
 I decided to make some bunnies, egg cosies, birds and I'm now working 
on speckled eggs and few carrots... I can't tell you how much fun I'm having! 
it's like magic, first you have a ball of cotton and then a character is born, 
and no matter how hard I try to make them exactly the same it never happens, 
each one comes out with it's own personality!
For the egg cosy I made my own pattern and you can find it here or in my Ravelry page
for free (the pattern and the egg cosy are not for re-sale, not for business, 
for personal use only, there's a copyright on it.).
For the bunnies I used this free pattern but then I modified it slightly.
For the birds there's a free pattern here, but I didn't used it, 
instead I've guessed it and they came out fine.
If you live near Cambridge and would like to know details about the workshop 
just drop me an email.
The egg cosy will be also on sale in my shop for those who eventually 
would like to buy them.
I'm anticipating Spring time because I have enough of winter now.
Sorry winter, you last too long ;)


the birds will probably join the Circus!


naa said...

oh how cute!!! They are all very nice!
I am also so tired of winter, I need spring... but they say it will snow this week again... oh...

Maria said...

Cute and lovely they are really !

I love them they have so kind faces

| Harmony and design | said...

Qué monada! Me encantan

eau de nil said...

yes, these are magic
(+ the cosy is my favourite)


Stéphanie said...

Son estupendos ! Me encantaria estar en cambridge para ver esto ..

C SATHAL said...

Ils sont tous à croquer !! ADORABLES !!
Des bises

Bichos da Matos said...

oh, those egg birds! They're lovely, well done A&A ;-)

Gabriela said...

Cuteness in itself!

jenni said...

so cute & your stitches are superb!!! Your workshop sounds divine, all the best! :-)

Unknown said...

So cute egg birds!
Je le dis à l'unisson «hiver tu peux partir maintenant«

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

Really cute, I love the egg cosy!

Anonymous said...

is there anything cuter
than these bunnies and birds! :)

good luck for your workshop!

Anonymous said...

How cute are these!...Come to Spain, here we have spring time already!;) greetings!

at swim-two-birds said...

super cute :^)

querido diário said...

Lovely creatures <3

M*L*R said...

C' est tellement adorable et plein de joie!

Les Filles au Beurre salé said...

Oh, c'est chou !!!

brooke said...

Very cute!!

Louve said...

So cute !! I love them !! ^.^

Anonymous said...

How very very lovely! Would ♥ to make them to celebrate Spring ( whenever it arrives! :-/)

Anonymous said...

Hello i m in love with all yr création could You pls give a Little pattern of this things thank You so much hère You find my mail f.guenantin@orange.fr

alessandra said...

f.guenantin, the pattern are already all linked on this post, I cannot highlight them for some strange reason ( Blogger sometimes refuses to work properly) but if you put your mouse on top ofthe words where it says the pattern is here etc, you'll be directed to where I got the pattern from, I then modified them but I didn't keep any written note.
For the egg birds I work the pattern out but again, no written notes, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Nice job !!
Where can I buy these ?!
Thanks a lot :)