blue butterfly

For me the best antidote to nuisance is to get my mind 
and my hands busy doing something that makes me happy.  
I started to play with scraps of fabrics and hand-sewn 
them together, embroidered and knotted it here and there,
as soon as I started to stitch my moodiness disappeared!

This seat pad is called "blue butterfly". 
The butterfly has been identified by different cultures as the symbol 
of the metamorphosis, the restlessness of the mind, 
major change in the course of one's own life, personality or way of thinking, 
it is the symbol of free of expression. 
I thought it's perfect to symbolize my feelings and state of mind
I like the name the ancient Greeks gave it to it: ‘psyche’.

On a more mundane note, the cushion will be for sale in my next 

shop update, I can't tell you right now when it will be, 
since here we are experiencing a second round of flu! 
this year hit us really badly.

Also please excuse my English, is not my first language 

and though I've been livng here for more than a decade I 
still find it a not so straightforward language,
sure you'll excuse me and understand me, thank you :)

Thank you for your support, it really gives me energy!



Vibeke said...

what a LOVELY cushions dearest alessandra.

i read the previous post some days back and i must admit that it has been on my mind quite a lot these last days...such rudeness...AND arrogance...a way of behaving that is completely without respect...

oh nooo: not more flu..how exchausting..
..i truly hope that you and yours get well very soon.


Janis said...

Beautiful patchwork Alessandra. Love the idea of the blue butterfly. What a wonderful way to turn pain into something beautiful. A true artist and so resilient you are!

By the way, your English sounds perfect to me, really. Very clear and precise. Have a good weekend! X

jenni said...

oh my it's divine!
Hope that nasty flu is gone real soon,
Take Care xx

Joanna said...

oh so beautiful... I can understand how therapeutic that is! xx

stone range hoods said...

Love the way it turned out. xo
~ Herman Swan

Louise said...

Alessandra, I love the way you speak English, it's somehow much more lyrical and yet direct. x

S. said...

i like very much the story and all the details, stitches and knots of this cushion, Alessandra,
bises, S.

at swim-two-birds said...

wow, love this color combination; beautiful patchwork alessandra!!
that mustardyellow looks very silky, is it?

alessandra said...

Thank you all!!!
Renilde, it is silky but raw, it's a Japanese fabric... thank you! x

amy said...

The cushion is very beautiful!

I understand how you feel. Sometimes I just need to be occupied doing something with my hands (like writing, doodling, or making something) Even if it's just pushing dough into cookies! It's good for the health I'd say!

sending you happy spells


Paravent said...

It's so beautiful! Gorgeous work Alessandra :) I'm the same too - making makes all the difference. Kx

Trula said...

What a beautiful cushion. And what a great way deal with a nuisance like that. I would love to recommend to people who disrespectfully copy other peoples work to just once try to create something themselves. The thrill, the satisfaction is something you will never feel having simply copied it.

alessandra said...

Thank you Amy, Kylie and Anke! x

jana said...

i love that one!! so much texture. and the little amigurumi animaletti are really sweet!! maybe i'll give some of them a try. brava :)

Anonymous said...

crafting is the best medicine! :)
the cushion turned out beautiful!

and the video with the butterfly was amazing!

Monica said...

hello there,

what a delightful piece!
i also feel content, happy, when my hands are busy creating. right now, it's stitching, piecing cloth...

Louve said...

Lovely !!

Anonymous said...

Your work is always so beautiful!I like this cushion very much.

love from sunny Australia!