first finish what you have unfinished

After the snow, the ice, now the rain and gales,
definitely after 13 years in England I learnt a lot about the weather.
A loop scarf I finished. I have many things half done, 
I decided that is time to finish the unfinished. 
My mum often gave me this sound advice: 
'first finish what you have unfinished'.

The pilea Jo gave me is not a baby any more, 
she's growing and looks happy.

The quilt is almost finished, 
it has a little M embroidered because is a custom order.

I've started to work on another one.


S. said...

j'aime le M(onogramme) qui personnalise ce quilt,
bon week end Alessandra

alessandra said...

thanks Severine! x

Delphine said...

my friend just gave me one of those plants too! :)

eau de nil said...

your mum was right : the loop scarf is gorgeous!


hannna said...

Hi Alessandra,
the scarf and the quilt are wonderful!
That's such a good guideline in life, getting things finished is so hard and so rewarding!

Have nice Sunday!

Maria said...

That quilt is lovely !And your scarf too.
I hope your weekend has been cozy ,mine has been full of moments with my teens:D

hiki said...

Scarf looks so lovely - i love the colours! Stay warm and have a happy new week :)

Patrice A. said...

beautiful scarf!

have a fine

Fanny S said...

Love the quilt!
I have a baby pilea too and it is not doing well... I don't know if it is the lack of light or the room temperature. Do you have any piece of advice for me? Thanks!

alessandra said...
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alessandra said...

Thank you all, so nice to read your words!!!
Fanny S, Jo gave me a good advice about watering: instead of watering directly on the soil, put the vase on a basin with water and leave it for a while ( the roots will take the water they need) until you feel that the soil is wet when you touch the surface. I keep my plant on a windowsill with no direct sunlight but is quite illuminated, also there's a heater below that window sill in that way the plant stays warm in winter, at night I move it on the table so it doesn't get too cold! hope this help, if not write to Jo of toots blog or Mieke of Mieke Willems ( they are quite experts on growing pileas!).

Unknown said...

gorgeous colours!!

explodingcucumber said...

Looooove the scarf's colours! x