a long lost cousin

Hello there,

The wonderful gift that this blog brought to me is the connection 
to like minded people, lovely real people that often live far away 
from where I live, and that connection in some cases has become friendship.
Not only that, but thanks to these incredible web of connections 
we discovered that our mouse has a long lost cousin!  
The not anymore long lost cousin was so kind to send these lovely handmade
 things for our mouse house! We are making some to send it to her too. 
Well, the truth is that us mums are making all the props for the little houses, 
it's becoming quite an obsession lately but I enjoy it so much that 
I don't mind to stay up late to work on them; it reminds me of when 
I worked as a prop designer in theatres and it fuels my imagination 
on that dream home that seems a mirage to me!


I'd like to thank you for your response in my previous post, 
it's nice to connect and know what you think, 
I didn't do it to "pressure" you, sorry if  someone felt that way. 
I asked your opinion because I sense that the way readers connect 
to blogs is changing. Perhaps there's too much information, noise, repetitiveness. 
Perhaps we are too used to the fact that bloggers will keep blogging 
no matter what, either to share inspirations, to promote themselves or to sell products,
hence we don't see the point to connect; perhaps we just don't feel that connection.
I don't know, there are many reasons why one don't feel like stop by and say hello.
I understand and accept that, only I always bear in mind that behind a blog
there's a human being who work hard (and often for free) 
to make that post. 

Thank you Xenia, and thank you all!


Bichos da Matos said...

This is so sweet! Lucky mouse :-) beijos**

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

What utterly beautiful little gifts for the mouse house!

Sophie said...

real lovely pictures x

Me and Ma said...

Beautiful pieces of teeny tiny goodness :)

Lo said...

C'est adorable!
Lucky mouse and lucky Anita :)

Anonymous said...

i would love to have a cousin like this!
lovely new home accessories!

naa said...

oh this is fantastic!!! I am sure this small wonders made your mouse really happy one! SO SO CUTE!
And I am grateful that we've met in this "blog world"... *

sew nancy said...

I feel the same way and am just catching up with you from the past few posts. I do hope blogs don't go away. I still enjoy writing mine and reading others. I prefer it over the other options.
I was inspired to pull out my striped scarf I started last winter when I read about finishing what you start and mine is similar in nature to yours. I also am giving my daughter a house today ( she is 5 today) that I am going to decorate even though she already has my doll house from when I was a child that my Mom put together I wanted to do one myself.
Take care.

eau de nil said...

a late-night obsession here too : )
thank you for the fun, Alessandra
+ for the space on your wonderful blog


Jo in London said...

That is one lucky mouse!
Oh how I would have loved these when I was a child.

S. said...

c'est adorable :)

olga inoue said...

so,so sweet.

i have no words
just smiling now

M*L*R said...

Thank you for words , pictures , support and sweetness !

Nouschine said...

J'adore mise en scène mini...Kiss

Anonymous said...

all these things are so pretty!