You know, sometimes I start my posts with "mmmmm", 
then I add the images and only after that I write; then, 
of course I delete the mmmmm.  Because of a technical problem 
(that I was never able to solve and still can't) I have to put 
words before the images, but to me it works the opposite way,
 first come the images then the words. 
Sometimes I have no words to start with so I take time.
Anyway, all I wanted to show you today is that I'm 
sewing a top with a beautiful woven fabric I found in 
he bargain chest of a nice fabric shop, I can't wait for 
the warm weather to wear it. I want to make more clothes for
 myself and Anita. 
I've also finished a scarf and the cabled hat, because this 
winter is so cold that I needed something warmer to go out. 
I took that image of the sky only 15 minutes ago 
(in mid morning) when the thick dull grey blanket of clouds 
opened up and revealed a beautiful blue and the sunshine,
 it totally made my day.

This post started with mmmmm.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

These are all great! I instantly fell in love with that shirt<3 And the hat you made looks amazing too:)

I hope we'll get lucky with blue skies too. Still pretty grey so far though...


rike said...

'love everything i see ... especially the blue sky i have to admit. i miss it so much those days ...

so this post ends with a hmmmmmmmm :)

all the best

Séverine said...

Très réussi ce haut, j'adore ! et le bonnet a l'air super confort aussi, il est long ?
On attend la neige ici aussi pas beaucoup de ciel bleu aujourd'hui,
Bises !

alessandra said...

Hello there, we didn't see many blue skies here, so it is a relief indeed, hope you'll get one soon.

Rike, yes that's the way it ends too ;)

Severine, yes, very soft and comfy.
I did a long rim, so I can double it and protect the front a bit more.

Thank you girls x

Patrice A. said...

love the top!
and just now
at three o'clock
there she is
the sun!
after so many grey and cold days

Patrice A.

Unknown said...

The top is beautiful, i find it much more in my style...maybe with a touch of colour in a brooch or something....
And blue sky is also today something we can see after so many gray days...

Janis said...

Wishing you continued blue skies, and warmth from the sun to take away the winter chill.

Love your creations... X

at swim-two-birds said...

what a happy post :)
love that top! I had the same in mind, but a bit longer, so I can wear it as a dress.
all day cold & grey here, but it's nice and warm inside!

Merruli said...

This really has been a grey winter also here in Finland, so all the better that the sun and the blue skies are coming out again.

Your blog is always filled with so many beautiful crafts!

jenni said...

just love that top & those woolies are divine! such beautiful work! xx

C SATHAL said...

mmmmm... l'hiver te va si bien !! Belle énergie créatrice ces derniers temps !! Le top est super beau, et le bonnet me donne envie de l'enfiler tout de suite :)!

Paravent said...

Mmmmm, yum :) Love it all. What a fabulous top and I love your new beanie scarf goodness too. You've been making hay while the sun didn't shine, Alessandra! Very clever :) Kx

naa said...

mmmmmm... wonderful!

eau de nil said...

oh + mmm, beautiful top and woollens!
wishing you more cloud partings . . .


Unknown said...

I really love that top you've made yourself - I love the fabric too. I need to learn how to sew so that I can make myself some beautiful clothes too!