Random images of my cloths, crochet, crockery in my cupboard, 
snail mail received today from an island in the Mediterranean sea 
(waiting for A to open it, then I will show it to you too), 

Lately I've seen around the web quite few blog posts about 
the lack of comments and feedback from readers.
I think that if bloggers stop blogging then many other 
social media will be affected too, take Pinterest for example, 
where all those pins come from? Isn't it just nice to leave 
some words and show some love and gratitude? 
What do you think? I dread to ask, since most of the time I get no answers! ;^)
Have a good start of the week.


Unknown said...

Love the mittens! I sometimes feel a bit embarrassed commenting but seeing as you mentioned it here I am typing. Genuinely really enjoy reading your blog so don't stop! Shelley (www.motheroeuf.blogspot.com)

WSAKE said...

i think it´s very nice to comment on blogs and show your support this way - so much work goes into setting up a post and i feels good when this is apprechiated.

so - lovely handicraft and pretty pictures!

alessandra said...

hello Shelley, thank you! don't feel embarrassed please, leaving some words is the only way we have to connect with people through blogs, I "met" so many nice people thanks to those comments that either I left or someone has left on my blog. I have some good bloggers friends too now, blogging cannot be one way only...is giving and receiving, that is how blogs stay alive!
Thank you!!!x

WSake yes, I totally agree! thank you for your opinion! x

Sylv. said...

I totally agree too! And love your lovely blog, too!

Mi Joya said...

I know what you mean! Me too, i really appreciate it when people leave a comment.
I found much more joy in blogging when i get feedback from the readers!!
Thumbs up for more commenting...

myssja said...

I feel agree with yor words but my english is poor :(

marta said...

you are right, I set up a tumblr cause i did not know how I was going to approach the blog, still figuring it out bit I miss having some comments
anyway, HI! , i like your work! xxx

C SATHAL said...

Je suis FAN de tes moufles, elles sont magnifiques !! Alessandra, moi qui, finalement, n'a que très peu de commentaires sur mon blog (et merci pour les tiens et ta fidélité !), je tiens à dire que cela pourtant fait partie du grand plaisir que j'ai à blogger. Et je suis 100% d'accord sur ce bien être et cet amour que font naître ces échanges !! Vive la communication avec des mots :) !
Je t'embrasse

Janis said...

Hi! Interesting thought on comments. Though it's complicated for me. I love supporting blogs like yours that have become important and "friends" to me. Commenting in this case seems natural. Though there are some blogs I enjoy as well but I've stopped leaving comments in general. Not that I don't like them, I just find I am repeating myself (my comments), just for the sake of leaving a comment. As far as receiving them, I LOVE comments and enjoy them very much, yet at the same time I don't have expectations of others to leave them. I want people to visit freely with no pressure to comment. Takes the pressure off them and for me to "entertain". Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with what's already been said on the comment front. I often feel a smidge shy about leaving a comment- especially if it's something I've said said oodles of times before. It also depends on the wandering eyes that are gawping over my shoulder at the time! Commenting is something I'm plucking up the courage to do more of though- which sounds very silly given that I'm fairly outspoken!
Love the gloves- very cosy! Chloe x

Lina | dasmaedchenmitdenlocken said...

I like to write comments when I see something that I like. Because I am reading so many lovely blogs, I am writing a lot of feedback aswell. And of course I also like to get (nice) comments.

By the way: I do love these pictures! The photos and everything they show are so beautiful :)

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

I really appreciate it when someone leaves me a comment, it's just so nice and makes the blog seem even more worthwhile. I try to leave them too and set aside a little time to do that when I can.

alias the vicar said...

I rarely leave comments because I don't really like "public speaking" , which does not mean that I don't enjoy your blog.
Quite the opposite!! La Casita is truly inspirational and a rare treat.
So thank you very much and keep blogging please!

claude said...

you're right, that's why i want to tell you:
- thank you for YOUR lovely comment
- how much i love the softness of your pictures
- how happy we are to live with a pink little cloud...
have a nice week too, alessandra!

Jo in London said...

I think I've only commented here once before but I come here a lot. I'll speak up from now on!
Everything you make is so beautiful. I know how hard is to get decent photos on the many grey winter days yet you always have something pretty to show us.

Anonymous said...

oops ! i am a bit of a non commentor,just quietly loving your blog.....so here i a m delurking and appreciating the stuff you say and do thanks....

eau de nil said...

you are right, Alessandra. readers need to 'breathe' words into a blog to keep it alive. i know how much time i wasted not leaving a comment here : )

beautiful mittens and citrus colours.

Lollipop said...

love everything.
love the 1st pic!

jana said...

you're so right. without comments it's not fun! are you crocheting a blanket? your projects inspire me so much, thank you :)

Gabriela said...

hello alessandra,

Your posts are such a treat to me. I truly like the image of the crockery in your cupboard - so enticing! Love the colours of the cupboard's inner walls, so soft and delicate. Last but not least, honestly grateful for your readiness to help, which I never take for granted, but appreciate anew each time.

alessandra said...

Hello! I'd like to thank you all for your response and your emails! It's really nice to hear from you. Now it's my turn to do the rounds and leave a words at yours! To those who left a comment for the first (or second time) and I didn't know their blogs: thanks and welcome!

Janis, yes I understand and I hope I didn't put pressure on anybody, that's not the purpose of this post. I never feel pressured to leave comments and I don't do it every time in every blog I read (that would be impossible)but I do love to pop out and say hello or say the obvious thing which is how fantastic your work is! I must admit that words from others are what keep this blog alive, it really pumps energy and meaning.

Jana, it's a sample at the moment, I'm still thinking what to do with a cute collection of pastels I put together over the years of knitting and crocheting. thank you :)

Gabriela, thank you! :)

xxx Alessandra

Bichos da Matos said...

Ciao! Blogs are "slower" but not dead, I hope!
Please, pay attention to your postman in the next days ;-) What about the house pillow? I check your shop very often and didn't see it yet, but each time I see the beautiful blue cloud...I'm trying to resist! beijos**

alessandra said...

Hi Catarina, nope not dead, though the future seem bleak right now.
House pillow is ready I'm not updating yet, but you can make your order whenever you like! thank you xxx

artycho said...

I too couldn't agree more! But I am one to not always leave a comment so I shall try and do so from now on...Love your piles and mittens!

Suzy et son lapin said...

lovely as always!

Patrice A. said...

I love blogging
and following
and sometimes commenting
I do not have Pinterest
or Instagram, or Facebook
like I wrote Hannna
I like writing with a fountainpen
pick flowers at the farm
and do my shopping there
and drink coffee and talk
with the farmer's wife
I like the 'slow' of blogs
the peek into other worlds
like yours!
loving those mittens
so great!

Patrice A.

M*L*R said...

Yesyour'e right ! It is so nice to take the time and give a little with words, attention ...!

It is easy to liker on FB and Pinterest, but it has not the same deep!

Unknown said...

Great pics, I love pictures of everyday things makes them look a lot more special when you share with your blogging friends! Dont stop! x

amanda said...

I'm not much of a commenter, even though I read your blog often. I suppose I treat it like a magazine, which you obviously can't respond to.

I never get comments on my blog, but I can see that people do look at it. Maybe it's not 'easy' enough to comment, you can't just 'like' something... who knows?

I got rid of facebook a while ago, never had or will have twitter, and I don't have a phone with any frills, so instagram is not an option - I like blogs, I hope they don't lose out to 'social media' (a term I really dislike).

Unknown said...

Dear Alessandra,
je poste un commentaire aujourd'hui, ce que je ne fais pas toujours... même si je visite très souvent ton blog!
Pour te dire que je tricote en ce moment ma première paire de moufles, en laine artisanale qui sent le mouton. Je les espère aussi belles que tes grises!
Et que les codes Blogspot pour prouvez que nous ne sommes pas des robots sont devenus très très compliqués à mon goût.
Bon mercredi

alessandra said...

hello Karine, I disabled the verification word from my settings; I had to put it for the amount of spam I received in the past year! Thank your for your words, have fun knitting, I'm pretty sure that your mittens will come out nicely. x A.

Jo in London said...

Hello Alessandra
I'm back with a question!
Are the cloths your kitchen cloths?
They're so pretty. Mine are all vintage white linen ones which are hard to keep stain free.

alessandra said...

Jo, yes apart from the lime and green blue ones that are napkins. Stains on linen...mmhhh I don't want to sound Martha but have you tried warm water, lemon and bicarbonate of soda? soak the cloths for a while and then gentle wash them. also in summer dry them on a washing line in the sun, it will make them white again, I did that with linen I "inherited" from my mum and grandmother, it worked!

Joanna said...

Gorgeous cloths... love that something so mundane can be so lovely. And you've inspired me to comment. I often fail to comment on blogs because it's easy to get into the habit of briefly glancing and browsing and then moving on to the next one. But I so appreciate it every time someone comments on mine. So it's good to be reminded to slow down, take the time to savour and comment and reflect and connect. Thank you...

ashley said...

so beautiful!

S. said...

elles sont parfaites ces moufles, Alessandra

sanae said...

Hello! I found your blog through Xenia, and love it. I agree with you that the way people are consuming information is changing dramatically and sometimes it does feel like there is an empty audience. Lovely blogs like yours is so important and inspirational though, and hope the blogging landscape will change!

Arctic Mum said...

I have very various amounts of comments, sometimes a little, sometimes more. But I know people read my blog anyway, and I think they appreciate it even though they don't leave a comment. I often write more for mee too, to relief some inspiration and creativity, and writing is something I love. But sometimes it can be hard to keep going, but that's more up to me.

alessandra said...

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate that, i think that blogs like mine work better when there's actually an exchanged. Said so I know people have million reason to stay silent, I know they read my blog looking at numbers but yet it gives me energy when I read your words here!

Katyha said...

I often come and visit your blog, (it is gorgeous) and never comment. I, like you, and probably everyone who owns a blog like to get comments back, that is a big reason you write to make a new friend that you think you would get along well with. I often don't because I do feel intimidated as there are so many that comment and you think she wouldn't possibly read my comment or respond. So that is what I believe is the case, not because you don't want to comment but because it is most often never returned. Silly I know but I guess we are all just a little scared

alessandra said...

Hello Katyha, thank you for finding the courage then :)
I read every single comment, and I try to answer to all or at least to thanks all, is the least I can do. I see this like a conversation, I wouldn't like to talk to someone that doesn't listen, when I realise that I stop talking...what's the point?
have a nice day.

annelouise said...

very true about the comments.

i admit that i comment less these days; i blame google reader. and instagram. and pinterest!!

but - when i actually posted anything in my blog - i loved getting comments. so i am happy for you that your post prompted so much love :)

(and L O V E the mittens x)

ayumi said...

wonderful work! the way you discuss the subject i'm very impressed. i'll bookmark this webpage and be back more often to see more updates from you.