it's cold

It's cold outside. I'm knitting another cabled hat, this time is a bit thicker. 
I'm using an Aran wool from the Yorkshire region.
The ethereal garland is from Eau de Nil, I love how the light is captured 
and bounced between the disks.
I'm slowly stitching another cushion and making a new quilt.
Looking forward to meet old friends this Saturday.


Yesterday evening I've watched two films. The first one I quite like it, 
the second one I like it a lot and watched few times since it was released: 


anlomar said...

I really like the different textures! They look very cosy.

Unknown said...

the hat looks so cosy.
i so enjoy those little crosses.

going to have a look at those films now... thanks.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Love this last photo, the yellow shines so much !
Your cushions are so charming, I love the color combos you use. :)

eau de nil said...

i think nothing soothes me more
than those tiny sashiko stitches
+ so happy to see the garland in your home,
your northern light.

P R I M O E Z A said...

nice projects here, and that's my favourite type of stitching :)

Patrice A. said...

I so like to dive
in your world and colors
they sooth me
and my busy mind
thank you!

and that garland

have a fine weekend
Patrice A.

Vibeke said...

sooo beautiful..

wishing you a lovly weekend

Maria Riazzoli said...

just made a comment about your "little cloud" and I am sorry that you got so upset!

all the best

Claude said...

Cold cold here too!! Very nice garland...
Thank you for your wishes, kisses.

Louise said...

I love where the quilt(/cushion?) is going! Beautiful.