lack of light

Sometimes the sun makes it through the thick layer of clouds.
I bought few baby plants from a garden centre,
the choice is a bit boring though, big yawn...
I found that 1950's plant holder a little while ago
I finally decided to sand it down and keep it natural. 
My poor Pachira Aquatica is recovering, 
it just needed more water and more light. 
Apparently when the lower leaves dry and fall 
it's because the lack of light. I lack light too :)
I also bought on-line a Ceropegia woodii (string of hearts),
it's the first time I purchased a plant on the web, 
I wonder if it's a good thing.,
but you cannot find that plant anywhere around here.
Good night.

Renilde's potholders in the webshop.


kits for the mouse house

As promised, despite the lack of sunshine ( to make better photographs), 
the first batch of kits for the mouse house are in the shop.

Thank you Justine for the mention.

Have a nice weekend!


shop update

A little update in my shop.
More handmade things will be added soon.
Hope you like it,
Thank you 

PS: The little mouse house props are next...bear with me.


in the kitchen

A brief sunny moment.
Thank you dear friend for the trivet :)


Cereal magazine

Gather journal


getting there

Lots of work to do with the mouse house props...
I hope they'll be in my shop by the end of the next week, 
it all depend from the light, it seems that winter is 
bouncing back with vengeance!

Japanese patterns books to make our clothes.

It's a labour of love, but I'm never bored.