getting there

Lots of work to do with the mouse house props...
I hope they'll be in my shop by the end of the next week, 
it all depend from the light, it seems that winter is 
bouncing back with vengeance!

Japanese patterns books to make our clothes.

It's a labour of love, but I'm never bored.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

This looks like the perfect weekend!

I don't think it gets much better than Japanese patterns. There's something so serene and elegant about them<3


C SATHAL said...

un rêve de petites filles ces accessoires de souris !!
Et au sujet de l'ennui, je le pensais déjà que tu ne devais jamais t'ennuyer ;) !

amanda said...

That first book looks great, which one is it?

Jan said...

Would you please share the name of the pattern book you featured? (Thank you)

claude said...

ohlala, trop trop mimi ces petites choses!
ici aussi, l'hiver est de retour bientôt!
happy week end!

alessandra said...

thank you all!

amanda, be*mused jan, you'll find what books are they on my flickr.

Louise said...

Is that the top of a skirt? It looks great!

alessandra said...

well spotted Louise, it is! it's a skirt for Anita, will show more when I'll finish the whole outfit.
thanks x

Sylv. said...

Ces petits accessoires sont absolument ravissants!

eau de nil said...

i have a few of these books
and i spend quite a bit of time looking + sighing . . .
( thankfully my mother's used them to make things for a.)

as for your mouse props
they're every girl's dream -
and their mother's


at swim-two-birds said...

what a cosy fun in your house!!!
yes, winter, sigh; we expect 10cm snow for Tuesday :(
keep warm

Janis said...

Oh love the tiny cloud!

Don't you just love the simplicity of the Japanese clothing in those books? I wish I had your energy to make myself something!

Les pommettes du chat said...


Patrice A. said...

that tiny cloud!
it all looks wonderful
I hope I will be
in time
to get some....

Patrice A.

Bohemian girl said...

I got some pattern book, too, I cannot wait to sew, to my disappointment the book is not Japanese but ..., hey, it is actually good, I can understand that language.
So, what are you going to make?

alessandra said...

Magda, which language is that of your pattern book? I can't read japanese but I can read the patterns, I think the pattern language is universal.
I'll make all a lot of things...you'll see. And you?

Nouschine said...