new things

It's been a strange week, I hurt my tendons by too much knitting, 
sewing, quilting, crocheting and by spending too much time
on my computer when I told my husband he said:
it's because we are getting older!
but until last year i could do all those things with no problem
mmhhh not convinced,
what, you reach 45yo and you start to deteriorate?

I added few new items in my shop, the props will be there in few days.

thank you for your visits here, my pinterest, fb, tumblrs, and web-shop.



All around looks quiet, but inside
oh inside it's a turmoil!

Meanwhile I'm back on Pinterest,you'll find me inside the bubble, here.

Here some images of the "Happy to see you" event at the galerie Salon

Have a nice weekend. 


quilt #2

I finished the quilt I was working on.
I started another one, I guess I'm hooked!
Thanks for your emails yesterday, considering the response 
I decided to make more plant hangers to sell in my shop.

Thank you, your support means a lot to me


DIY project + plants

It's arrived after the holidays in a little box, the plant looked 
quite healthy despite the fact that it has stayed two days with 
no light whatsoever, but, I over-watered it and now it looks a bit sad.
I then made a hanging planter, with leather and wooden beads, 
inspired by the one I saw a while ago on weekday carnival.
I think it came out quite ok, hope the little plant will recover.

On the stool there's the baby pilea Jo gave to me  the last september 
at that time it had only two shots, she's growing nicely.

Caring for plants it makes me feel good.


shop update + new tumblr

I added few items in my e-shop, more to come.
I have another tumblr now, where I collect images of the sold items:
sold at knots  


When I was a kid I used to sing this a lot and now I sing it again with A


little knots in Paris

I've been invited by Pénélope, the creative mind behind "Happy to see you", 
to take part with a few of my dolls house accessories for the exhibition that
will take place in Paris at the beautiful "Galerie Salon" 
in Saint Germain des prés the 21st of April. 
A special event to present the new Happy to see you dolls. 


a birthday, few cakes and lots of up-hill walking after

Hello, I'm back.
It has rained for the whole time we stayed in Genova, 
only the very last day the sun was out and I took few pictures. 
As you see Genova is a very peculiar town, it has a seaside and a port, 
an old centre called "vicoli" or "caruggi" and an up-hill part along the mountains, 
basically it is squeezed between sea and mountains. 
Every time we go there we feel the existence of some muscles in our legs that 
we forgot about it. It was nice to catch up with family and friends, 
I must admit what I miss the most is to gather around 
a kitchen table and eat simple delicious food while chatting. 
As a stranger in this country I sometimes ask myself whether I'm strange or not, 
as often people remark that is not worth the effort to cook from scratch and so on
Back in Italy though no one question that. 
It reassures me that I'm not weird, it's just a matter of culture 
and surely I preserve mine when it's about cooking, sharing and enjoying good food.
The thing I love the most of my town (and Italy in general)
is that you find vegetables patches in unexpected places, 
like really up hill in a terrace tucked behind old walls 
amid narrow cobblers streets.

It was time for celebration as it was A birthday. This year we celebrated three times. 


blog vacation

Hello there,
hope you are enjoying the long Easterly weekend.
I'm getting ready for a little holiday.

The shop stays open, the latest orders will be posted this Tuesday. 
For purchases after Tuesday, items will be posted from the 10th of April.
Thank you for your support, see you soon...

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