new things

It's been a strange week, I hurt my tendons by too much knitting, 
sewing, quilting, crocheting and by spending too much time
on my computer when I told my husband he said:
it's because we are getting older!
but until last year i could do all those things with no problem
mmhhh not convinced,
what, you reach 45yo and you start to deteriorate?

I added few new items in my shop, the props will be there in few days.

thank you for your visits here, my pinterest, fb, tumblrs, and web-shop.


emma said...

je peux peut être te rassurer,je couds des cravates pour une marque 8h par jour depuis 3 ans et le soir,week end etc...je couds, quilt,brode pour moi!il y a 15 jours:rupture d'un kyste sinovial du poignet!le médecin m'a rassuré.on peut faire ça 30 ans(comme certaines de mes collègues)et ne jamais rien avoir,et une tendinite au bout de 2 mois!lié au travail,oui,mais pas à l'âge!c'est juste une injustice phisiologique!bon courage!

Genn said...

Everything is so pretty!

Reading your comment about being 45...I am not, but just last night I watched the Louis CK HBO special and he fully talks about 45 being a turning point as far as body function is concerned - very raunchy and truthy and fabulous!

alessandra said...

Ahhh thank you Emma, you are really kind! Hope you get better soon, so sorry for you...and for myself too... :)

Oh no Genn!Don't tell me that... :D
( thanks ;))

eau de nil said...

well, i've had it since my mid-twenties
so i'd say age doesn't come into it
but unfortunately it comes into a lot of other things -
i could do with some new spare parts ;)
love the new props!

Janis said...

OMG... the tiny Vogue book! That is so adorable. Lucky little mouse has all the comforts :^)

Take care of yourself... X

Patrice A. said...

these make me smile
i am so happy with mine
my father even build a house
for my mouse and her new props
i will show you
in time

have a fine day!
Patrice A.

elisa said...

Alessandra, lately I'm having trouble in knitting with thin (3 mm or 3,5 mm) knitting needles, especially when I work with double pointed. I'm not used to continental method so I think holding the thread with the right hand forced a bit my wrist and all. When happens, I take a pause. So sad.
I wish you a quick recover.
The coffee set is calling me: it's marvelous!

querido diário said...

I already feel the effects of 'old age' on my wrists for too much computer and other handy stuff and i'm 35!ahaha
i hope you get better soon :)

justine said...

Finally giving the mouse kit to Solvi this weekend. Can't wait! (And check out the crown I made to go with it on dskool.