just to say

Few days ago I started my Eyes Wide Open photo course with 
Erin Little
Although I took an exam on photography while attending Art 
school many years ago ( before digital) the truth is I'm not at 
ease with digital cameras as much as I was with my old film 
cameras, it's the feeling that is different.
I know it's just a matter of a lot of practise and to get out of 
old mental habits, this course encourage me to do so, to explore 
more and to keep my mind wide open ;)

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| Harmony and design | said...

Preciosas fotografías.

Janis said...

Good advice. I've had a digital camera for over a year I'm afraid to use. A class might do it for me as well. Thanks for the inspiration and cheers to OPEN eyes :^)

alessandra said...

thank you Harmony :)

Janis, yes I find it really helpful, it also a good excuse to get outside with my camera, rather than stay in sitting in front of the computer! ;^)

Unknown said...

I use both digital and analogic...but for film camera it must be a special actitude...something different...I find it more special
Digital is easier to "take a bad photo and try again".
Lovely pictures!

querido diário said...

I only use film cameras,although my boyfriend has a great digital one and is always daring me to use it,i don't now why but i just don´t find it interesting enough...but your pictures are great :)