small things that make me happy

My pilea has two babies! I've been looking for tips 
on how to separate the babies from the mother 
(I know, it sounds cruel ), so I can grow more plants but, 
I couldn't find much on the internet...any clues?
My little succulent is flowering and I find the little buds beautiful.

Small flowers on the little lady from Atelier Stella,
Isn't she lovely?

The clouds in the may sky are beautiful but pleaaase, 
enough of rain and cold! 
Little bits and pieces in the bookcase 
(nama and Camilla Engman postcards), 
still on the floor few piles of books to sort it out.

Have a nice beginning of the week!


naa said...

Everything is so lovely... I like that flower a lot but here I haven't seen it yet... oh and we have similar Stella's lady... :)

Unknown said...

You ceramic items are so nice, who's the artist?

alessandra said...

Hi Ana, I know you have another little lady at yours! thanks :)

Nathalie Villeret thank you, there are few ceramics in the pics but if you mean the ones on the fourth pic, the artist is my then 7yo daughter.
pic1 Stella Baggot
pic 3 from left: Poole pottery, Victorian jelly mould, german onion vase
pic 5 le petit atelier de paris
pic 6 vulcan ware ring vase, studio pottery 3 legged vase.

Anonymous said...

this little lady is so lovely!
thank you for the link to
stella's shop!
her work is amazing!
beautiful sky and flowers!
a good start for the new week to you!

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

A lovely set of images and how exciting to have baby Pileas!

emma said...

hello alessandra,comme je viens de me permettre de le signaler à fanja,le festival des métiers hermès se tiendra du 21 au 27 mai à la galerie saatchi.il s'agit en fait de démonstrations d'une dizaine d'artisans hermès et lorsqu'on s'intéresse à la création et au savoir faire de la main,ces rencontres sont passionnantes,qu'on aime le style hermès ou non.l'entrée est libre.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Small things make me happy too. I'm especially liking your fourth photograph. So lovely.

at swim-two-birds said...

love these atmospheric images, but if I was you, I would wait a while to separate the babies from their mother, besides, these are not yet babies but embryos!! :D
good luck with the weather, here in Belgium it's the same story: rain&cold&wind

alessandra said...

Thank you ladies :)

Renilde, yes i've been told that i have to wait until september to separate them...but how??? panic!
weather is totally bonkers!

at swim-two-birds said...

I think just tear away; you can put them directly into the soil; I will ask Mieke for further instructions.

but they need to grow bigger first!

éva-mona said...

That is cute, the babies and the mother plant story! Where did you first find the pilea? I've been looking for one but couldn't find any.

alessandra said...

éva-mona, from my pop up shop in London back in september, Jo from Toot blog sold them there. You can ask her...

by spielplatz said...

Perfect plant.

teaktrayweekdays said...

love the plant!