It's going to be a bank holiday weekend at home, the weather doesn't look promising. 
I'm looking at the clouds and they are like animal silhouettes chasing each other.
I have few diy projects to finish anyway. A little bookcase (the only one possible here) 
is white now, no matter what, I end up painting all the stuff I don't really like in white, 
and it works: it's kind of blending with the white walls.
I put up the "new" old semi pendant that I wanted for ages, 
(found on ebay Denmark) it has few scratches but I don't mind,
 it was a good deal.

I'm enjoying 'Backyard wildflowers' by Jaime Rugh

Have a relaxed weekend.


Maria said...

Lovely light in your photos !

alessandra said...

Thank you Maria! X

eau de nil said...

enjoy your long weekend
can't get enough of your beautiful home
+ how come i never thought of checking ebay denmark? (on second thoughts that might be a good thing)
until soon!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

The white works. And I agree with Maria, lovely light. I have one of Jaime's weavings. She is multitalented.

jane said...

white does make everything better. :)
have a great week! :)

Patrice A. said...

as always i love
your colorpalette
and the light
that beautiful wallpaper!
now i see it again
i know
i really want this
in my workspace


justine said...

Officially jealous that you ALSO have one of Cocon's seagulls. ;)

Solvi LOVED her mouse stuff (though I think the older relatives at the party were just as smitten, particularly with the gray cashmere blanket). She has been playing with them all day.

Nouschine said...

U2 Alessandra, have a relaxing time, Enjoy. xxx Nouschine

alessandra said...

Thank you all!
Patrice, in my opinion is a wall paper that works in places where the light is poor or mostly grey, it has helped me to go through a very long winter. I'm usually not fan of bold, loud stuff but I guess I can live a little more with it...;)

Justine, oh thank you! so pleased to hear Solvi enjoyed it, that is the most rewarding thing for me about those kits: that children and grown ups alike really appreciate them! x

Unknown said...

I love the white bookshelf. I wish I could find something like that here....
Beautiful light in your pics ;)

Delphine said...

everything is so nice and natural looking, very resting for the eyes :)

Katta said...



Louise said...

It's lovely to see your stuff! Hope it was a nice weekend. It was really quite sunny and nice here x

alessandra said...

Ciao Daniela :)
Thank you Delphine, Katta and Louise, indeed it was sunny in the end (the meteo often get it wrong) so I spent a lot of time in the garden.

querido diário said...

You house looks so beautiful and peaceful :)
Hope you are having a great week!

Louise said...

the meteo are indeed so very often wrong! Sadly not today, it seems.

alessandra said...

thank you querido diario and to you too!
Louise, I know, I was hoping to have a picnic in the forest :(