testing stuff

I recently started a new board on my pinterest
it's about green DIY projects and products.
My concerns about the environment started many years ago, 
but when my daughter was born they became amplified. 
As time goes by my concern grows.
So I started to look for ideas and products that will help me 
to do more about it, and now I think I'm ready to share them 
with those of you who have the same concerns.
Plastic: plastic is everywhere, if you go to a beach, 
you will find many tiny coloured particles mixed to the sand,
that is plastic! it won't degrade for centuries. 
Fishes are eating it and so birds, it has entered in our food chain, 
and that is scary as we don't know about the consequences.
Supermarkets make me totally frustrated since I can't find 
a vegetable that isn't wrapped in plastic!
For these reasons and more I'm very keen to make of "alternatives" the routine. 
I made this board, which is the easiest part and I've started 
to test those ideas I've pinned, to see if they are any good.
To start with, I tried this project.
Let me tell you that it is a great way to recycle old t-shirts, but, 
make sure your t-shirts have no seams on the sides, because if they do, 
this method is not good at all.
Think about the project you want to make based on the number of t-shirts 
you have to recycle. I'd like to make a bathroom rug, crocheted 
(I find it hard to knit this kind of yarn). For my project I crocheted 
a chain of 23 stitches, with a n8 crochet hook. So far I obtained 
4 1/2 rows with one t-shirt, which is roughly 9cm, to finish this 
project I need in total 5 t-shirts. I quite like the result.
I think it's worth it if you want to avoid to send your stained, 
full of holes t-shirts to landfill.

The next project I tested is this one.
Using cheap garden twine and some wool filling, 
I made a scrub a bit larger and I knitted two 
rectangles rather than a folded one, 
then I sewn them together.
I tested it on the breakfast washing this morning 
and I must say that it worked perfectly.
I'll stick to these scrubs and I'll try with 
different natural materials and sizes.

Last I tested this one
Yep! I gave it a go, because I'm keen to avoid plastic bottles
 as much as possible. 
I've been using expensive organic products for more than a decade, 
but the plastic bottles that come with them are bothering me.
 I've tried many of them but still, my hair gets dry and heavy, 
sometimes my scalp irritated, not to mention
that I really spend a fortune on shampoos and conditioners! 
I had nothing to loose so I've tried this recipe last night, 
as soon as I washed my hair with bicarbonate of soda 
(baking soda is exactly the same product) I got really worried 
because they felt like fuzzy wool! then I added the apple cyder vinegar
 and the feeling changed completely, thank goodness it worked, 
the scalp felt clean and my hair looks fine! I'll stick to this recipe 
for a while then I'll do a recap with you to let you know 
if I have lost all my hair or not! ;^)

Ok, sorry for the long post, I hope I haven't bored you, 
instead somehow managed to inspire you.

Oh and this is my 500th post! 

update: after a couple of weeks I gave up, my scalp became quite dry and itchy.
I hope to find alternatives, for now I stick to a brand that is organic and 
use glass bottles. I diluted the shampoo with water.


Kickcan & Conkers said...

You are always an inspiration - thank you!

alessandra said...

Thank you Deborah! Nice to see there's somebody out there...;)

Anonymous said...

once you get used to washing with baking soda you will love it. and your hair will too!
thanks for a great post!

WSAKE said...

this is great!

and by the way:
happy 500th post to you:)

Unknown said...

I am to start to that no champoo metod....
Lovely others...great job!

alessandra said...

thank you anon and wsake :)
ibb, great, let us know your experience. also try to adapt that recipe to your kind of hair, I think that with my dry hair I need less bicarbonate of soda. good luck :)

Janis said...

We need more people like you, you are passionate about important issues, and you take action, THANK YOU! xo!

I had some confusion this morning and kept pushing the "follow" button (not realizing I'm following already). I should not push any buttons before my morning coffee...I think I did this before! Old age ;)

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

I will try the bicarbonate & apple cider vinegar for sure.

eau de nil said...

thank you, Alessandra
for this 500th post
and all the ideas in it,
i'm taking notes from your pinboard, too :)

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

I like the sound of the shampoo, I might give that a go sometime. What a nice post for your 500th!

Maria said...

It is always so joyfull to visit here.Thank you

the vicars alter ego said...

And a very inspiring post to mark the occasion, I might add


M*L*R said...

Toujours joliment inspirée !

Patrice A. said...

what a wonderful post
and hurray! for the 500th!!
you are an inspiration for me
i buy our food from the farm
and try to do what's best for the world
but you go a step further
thanks for this post
and i might try the 'shampoo' ;^))


facingnorthwithgracia said...

Thank you for the post and the testing: I will give the "shampoo" a try for sure as I'm in you exact situation (though I love the aestethics of some bottles, I'm tired on seeing my plastic rubbish bin always full).


Evie said...

a lovely post for you 500th - congrats. im always mindful of being resourceful and reusing/re-purposing where possible. i think im going to try your second project next.

cuvcuv said...

Wow! love this post! I so need to take time out and go the organic way omitting chemicals and plastic, like this shampoo and deodorant bars and soaps! Thanks for the inspiration!

cuvcuv said...

and I love love the scrubbing pad! What a great idea!

artycho said...

Love it I am very much into upcycling too and using old cotton tops is one of many projects I would love to do. Also I crocheted many time garden twine but find it hard on fingers. Love your pics as usual!

rike said...

oh i love this post and i will start to try this shampoo as soon as possible ...

hope to see more of your green ideas
all the best

Anonymous said...

Great! I also try to avoid plastic as much as I can. I have the same concerns and I think that everybody's actions matter. It's very inspiring to read about your experiences. I'm also following your board on pinterest.
Thank you! All the best from Germany.