halfway + my focaccia recipe

(more will be added next week)


Summer doesn't want to show up and I've been baking a lot in the last week.
I come from a town famous for its focaccia, you can't beat the focaccia genovese. When I was a kid I used to buy 100gr every morning for my school break, indeed I ate a lot of focaccia. I particularly love to dip focaccia in a cappuccino!
In my life as an immigrant I tried several recipes to replicate it, in the end I made my own and I like to share this recipe with you.
I use white spelt flour, but 00 white flour or white strong flour are ok.
This will make either 2 focaccia ( the size of a oven tray) or 8/10 small ones.

380 gr white spelt flour
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of dried yeast (the one used for bread)
1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
250ml of lukewarm water 


extra flour for kneading
flaked sea salt
extra virgin olive oil
rosemary or sage (optional)

Oven at 250C

In a bowl put the flour, salt, sugar, yeast and olive oil, 
add the water a little at a time while with a spoon you
 mix the ingredients. 
Flour a clean surface and knead the dough for 5 minutes
 or until it feels elastic, do not overdo.
Put it back in a bowl, cover with some flour and then cover
 the bowl with a damp cloth; let it rise in a warm place 
until has doubled ( or more) its size. Knead a second 
time on a floured surface, place it on your tray 
(or baking sheet) and flatten it with your hands, 
push with your finger to leave digits 
(where the oil will sit nicely). 
Sprinkle with seasalt, oil and rosemary ( or sage).
Put it in the oven and bake for roughly 5 minutes 
or until golden. Eaten warm is the best!

*If you like you can chop the rosemary (or sage) 
and add it in the dough in the second kneading.

I use this basic recipe to make any kind of focaccia, 
one of our favourite lately is focaccia with eggs and asparagus.
I'll give you this recipe another time.


Sylv. said...

Ta focaccia a l'air merveilleuse! Ah! le romarin...

naa said...

Hi dear... photos are wonderful and tasty looking! :)
I also love your new stuff in the shop... in fact I just ordered something moments ago. Wiii... *
I recently decided to make a cotton summer blanket for Veno but I don't have enough time to screen-print so I decided that I will dy it and make some knots as we used to with my mum when I was a kid. I admired her dyed dress on her old photos and then my grandma made similar for me and we dyed it in blue color as on your bento bags. Lovely memories and such fun... I remembered it now when I saw your dyed knots. :)

Jo in London said...

I'm hoping to give your recipe a try tomorrow.
Every photo here is beautiful. Your touches of navy blue are perfect. Is the top one of your daughter's school lunch?
Did you make the hot pad in the fourth? It looks Japanese!
Here's hoping for some sun this weekend.

alessandra said...

Thank you Ana for sharing your childhood memories here x

Jo, in that photo it's my packed lunch, my daughter has a small one where she put fruits for her school breaks. Yes I did, the fabric is japanese and I'm very much influenced by japanese quilting, sashico stitching and indigo shibori techniques. The japanese sense of style and design has always fascinate me.

Louise said...

This is wonderful, I would so like to have proper focaccia. I must try this, thanks for letting us know your recipe!

Harri Davison said...

Scrummy photos, looks wonderful!


explodingcucumber said...

I can almost smell the bread! :-)

jana said...

i love the idea of making little foccacce istead of a big one...we'll keep that in mind for the next picnic.
and the hotpads & dyed bento bags are so pretty.

Vibeke said...

oh gosh dear a i can feel the smell
and taste through this post.
i love every single thing that you sourround yourself with in the kitchen...and probably in the rest of your house too i strongly believe : )


Anonymous said...
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éva-mona said...

Your foccacia looks wonderful!

La tienda de Flora said...

Preciosos textiles y tejidos... y esos pancitos con romero y granos de sal se ven muy tentadores, son un primor!

Isabelle said...

thanks for the recipe, I can almost smell it from here ...

alma said...

here is a wonderful place to be :)

elisa said...

Beautiful photos, Alessandra. Really.
We're waiting for the 2nd heat wave here so I'm writing down your recipe and try it later in mountain, where the climate allows me to switch the over on. Thanks for sharing!
(I wish I could have eaten some focaccia in my school breaks instead of my daily sad packet of crackers!)

ponytailrings said...

that looks absolutely amazing !