new things for knots

A shop update sometimes soon ( probably next week).
I'm working on new things.

I was born by the seaside, I miss it a lot. I miss to gaze at the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea, the brown hills at the back of my childhood home.  
I've chosen a colour palette that reminds me of them.

I like utilitarian things.
I like handmade things, well thought and well made. 
I like honest materials.
In every object I make there's a lot behind
Nothing is random.

(all this sounds a bit of a statement, well,it is!).



Silvia Calavera said...

God is in the details.
Precioso! <3

Paravent said...

They are beautiful Alessandra! I'm loving the indigo especially :) Kx

eau de nil said...

i could live in this post,
dear Alessandra :)

Jo in London said...

Yes, yes, yes! I like your statement.
Have a good weekend.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I like your statement.

at swim-two-birds said...

so beautiful, everything!
and I like your statement
have a nice weekend Alessandra

Louise said...

Your manifesto! Bravo x

Vibeke said...

i love what you write here! it shows in all that you create/make alessandra that there`s a lot behind ...that nothing is random, and i love that.
(had to put a link at my blog to this post)

beautiful items....as always!


alessandra said...

Thank you all, thank you so much for your support! XX

WSAKE said...

nice statements
nice things
those colours...

arounna said...

beautiful pics

mundochiquinino said...

Me encanta lo que expresas!

Jeane M. said...

Lovely inspiration in here. The fluffy knits makes me think of rainy days and hot chocolate. :) Got my eye on your next posts.

Anonymous said...

beautiful color palette!