these days

The clouds that brought rain today.

We cut the lavender and made little bunches to hang it to dry,
 a way to remember summer during the long winter days.  
The lavender we planted a couple of years ago has given lots 
of flowers this year, it's attracting so many bees it's such a 
joy to see it. I've cut only a small part of the flowers and left 
the rest for the bees. Though if I cut it now I might have the 
chance of a second crop in september.

I found few things at the flea market that I like a lot, some I 
will keep, other I will sell it at knots.

The pace has slowed down a lot here.


camping in north Somerset

In few days:
we explored caves, climbed 274 steps, saw owls and other amazing birds,
ate lots of cheddar cheese, saw the place where the king of fairies lives, 
went to a big flea market under a scorching sun, did horse riding, rowed 
boats in a tiny lake, watched bats flying upon our heads at night, climbed 
got quite exhausted.


Camping what's not to love?


an alternative iced tea

It's pretty warm + dry here (28C) which is to me the perfect weather, 
quite rare in England.
I've been making this refreshing iced tea in the last few days:

1 teaspoon of organic green tea

half teaspoon of dried edible (no chemicals sprayed) 
lavender (from the Norfolk coast)
for every 1litre of boiled water.

if you like sweet you can add honey or agave nectar

let it cool down put it in the fridge, drink it cool.
Very nice and refreshing.

My husband came from the market with fresh turmeric root and ginger, 

I'll make a tea using this recipe.

/ Perfect weather to knit in the garden.

Have a nice Monday.



Norfolk seaside

A little break at the beach, the sea was unexpectedly warm.
Today back to reality.
Have a nice monday.


moving on

One step back, two steps forward.

I'll keep it in mind. 


A new seat pad at knots.
I'll try to do another shop update at the end of this week. 
Sorry, it didn't happen.

We are waiting for the mini heat wave.
Meanwhile I  keep crocheting a new blanket with Aran wool.