an alternative iced tea

It's pretty warm + dry here (28C) which is to me the perfect weather, 
quite rare in England.
I've been making this refreshing iced tea in the last few days:

1 teaspoon of organic green tea

half teaspoon of dried edible (no chemicals sprayed) 
lavender (from the Norfolk coast)
for every 1litre of boiled water.

if you like sweet you can add honey or agave nectar

let it cool down put it in the fridge, drink it cool.
Very nice and refreshing.

My husband came from the market with fresh turmeric root and ginger, 

I'll make a tea using this recipe.

/ Perfect weather to knit in the garden.

Have a nice Monday.



Ariane Reichardt said...

Delicious, dear Alessandra!
I will try it... that one with green tea and lavender. It sounds very luscious to me.
I like that mirroring of pattern in the sun... and of course that cloud.

x Ariane.

eau de nil said...

one can sense the light, the wide-open skies
and what you're knitting looks beautiful !

WSAKE said...

sounds wonderful! goint to try this for sure - with my own lavender blossoms:)

alessandra said...

thank you Ariane, Xenia and Anna :)

Paravent said...

Yum! Great recipe Alessandra and I love the ginger one too :) Happy week wishes. Kx

natasha said...

Love this idea, so clever and perfect for this warm dry weather!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Both teas look wonderful, and your knitting...absolutely beautiful.