these days

The clouds that brought rain today.

We cut the lavender and made little bunches to hang it to dry,
 a way to remember summer during the long winter days.  
The lavender we planted a couple of years ago has given lots 
of flowers this year, it's attracting so many bees it's such a 
joy to see it. I've cut only a small part of the flowers and left 
the rest for the bees. Though if I cut it now I might have the 
chance of a second crop in september.

I found few things at the flea market that I like a lot, some I 
will keep, other I will sell it at knots.

The pace has slowed down a lot here.


Martha said...

lovely photos. I love lavender and have some in the garden, so I've been doing the same thing as you did. cutting a little bit and leaving the rest for the bees.

eau de nil said...

beautiful, snug, comforting
+ i'm afraid i like the sight of those clouds :)

alessandra said...

Thank you Martha :)
Xenia, the rain was much needed as long summer will stay around for another month I'm happy, you'll see these clouds soonish ;)

C SATHAL said...

Hello Alessandra :) Ta si jolie fille endormie, quelle douceur ! J'aime vraiment toute cette séries de photos, si cohérentes ! Que la paix reste chez toi longtemps !

Louise said...

Beautiful, beautiful lavender! I'm glad to hear the bees are happy.

querido diário said...

Such a peaceful mood in this photos,love it :)

Mia said...

"lovely photos. I love lavender ..."
= DITO! :o)

LG from Gisa

Delphine said...

such cozy photos <3