shop update

I'm back and happy, did my medical tests and found out that all is clear, 
what a huge relief!

Because I can't stay without doing nothing, I did a little shop update.
I guess having spent the last few weeks in a withholding kind of state, after the 
good news, I felt the need to do something without further procrastination.

 At Swim Two Birds pot-holders and cushions are back.

Thank you.


taking some time out (and making yogurt)

Dear readers,

sorry for the lack of posts lately. It's not because I'm lazy or because the nice weather.
I haven't been much around because of an health issue that started few months ago
 ( perhaps years ago only not with this constant dull pain). 
I've done few tests so far but I need to do more in order to know exactly what is 
making me feel unwell. After been seen by a  specialist and be told the worst case scenario, 
I admit that I freaked out for a moment, all sorts of negative thoughts came to my mind. 
That is exactly the sort of thing I try to avoid, it only makes it worst. 
Believe it or not I tend to be a rational person, it makes me feel calm and grounded, 
rational thinking helps.

“Don't Panic.” (Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).

My motto (and I always carry a towel with me ;)

At the moment I'm on a special diet, which it doesn't allow me to eat most 
of the things I used to eat and took for granted. at the beginning I found this diet challenging, 
for instance I can't have most diaries products but to boost my immune system and guts 
I was encouraged to make at home my own yoghurt
(apparently those you buy in shops lack of active and live cultures, but do your own 
research and make your own conclusions about it).
I use a yogurt maker, a litre of cow milk and few spoons of full fat white yogurt to get started, 
after 8 hours I have half a kg of delicious home made yogurt.

Homemade yogurt by David Lebovitz (without a machine). 

I'll take some time off, hopefully not much.

See you soon(ish).