on the first cold of the season

recovering from a bad cold, doing some 'selfish' knitting.
will I ever finish the socks? this pattern require a lot of concentration.
The weather is unusually warm for this time of the year in this part 
of the world, however, last winter was so cold and long that I'm getting 
ready knitting a very warm pullover and long socks.


Very interesting point of view of the designer Margaret Howell 

*the little handy table is from by Spielplatz



Fern is almost ready, hope she'll find a good home


Progress on the hexagons blanket



New hot-pads, mouse house sets and more soon ready for knots


 Helen and Julien


hexagons + interview

I'm currently "obsessed" with hexagons, it's a good thing because 
I tend to be such a square.
Meditating over a blanket, wool everywhere in my little cluttered studio.
I wonder if it's an unconscious way to bring order into chaos. 


A little interview over at Cinzia Ruggieri.
Thank you Cinzia.

Have a fine Monday.


I see details

what I miss, is the whole picture
(working on that)
a butterfly fluttered into my living room
preparing a little shop update
thank you for your orders and for the words in my previous post
I really like eefje de coninck series of images of Renilde's new home