hexagons + interview

I'm currently "obsessed" with hexagons, it's a good thing because 
I tend to be such a square.
Meditating over a blanket, wool everywhere in my little cluttered studio.
I wonder if it's an unconscious way to bring order into chaos. 


A little interview over at Cinzia Ruggieri.
Thank you Cinzia.

Have a fine Monday.


C SATHAL said...

très bel interview :)! j'ai toujours apprécier visiter la casita, vive Alessandra ^^!

alessandra said...

Thank you Celine! xx

WSAKE said...

guess what i´m up to right now:

hexagons all over the place...

myssja said...

J'ai bien aimé l'interviewet tres belles les couleurs des hexagones

the vicars alter ego said...

lovely interview!

Jolana said...

So nice interview! It is very nice to meet you :) Thank you for sharing it!


at swim-two-birds said...

lovely interview & photo's!

Kaylovesvintage said...

love your taste of colors..
still want one of your cats

Patrice A. said...

sweet you,
it must be in the air! crocheting a blanket ;^))
and that interview....
the first sentences, so much recognition
depression after moving from a city to a small village
i have been there, and like you, sometimes am

i will think of you while i crochet yet an other circle

Patrice A.

Paravent said...

They are gorgeous!!! Love the colour combinations :) Kx

Patrice A. said...

and i fell in love with the italians this weekend
i visit Venice
and was surprised that
despite the huge amount of tourists
they were all so very friendly
now i want to lern italian

naa said...

super nice! I love love the color combinations you've used... oh! :)

SATSUMA said...

Hi Alessandra!! i´ve read all your blog!!...and i really love it <3 i´m a fan now... nice to find and meet you!

alessandra said...

thank you all!

Kay, I'm working on new ones.

Patrice, happy to hear you enjoyed your stay in Italy. One of the things I miss the most of my country is the joviality of the people. Have fun knitting your blanket will think of you too!

Hello Satsuma and welcome! Many thanks for reading all my blog :)

Louise said...

Your hexagons are charming!

eau de nil said...

i love the colours - and it looks so addictive!

minabulle said...

Wonderful! And I love the colors of your hexagons...