on the first cold of the season

recovering from a bad cold, doing some 'selfish' knitting.
will I ever finish the socks? this pattern require a lot of concentration.
The weather is unusually warm for this time of the year in this part 
of the world, however, last winter was so cold and long that I'm getting 
ready knitting a very warm pullover and long socks.


Very interesting point of view of the designer Margaret Howell 

*the little handy table is from by Spielplatz


C SATHAL said...

tu tricotes à une vitesse incroyable !!
Alessandra, dans le sud de la France c'est l'été indien, je me crochète un maillot ;))

alessandra said...

thank you Celine. ahhh enjoy the beauty of september+indiansummer+southoffrance!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I really enjoyed the Margaret Howell article. Thank you. I hope your recovery is speedy. Take care.

SATSUMA said...

mmmm so cozy!!

naa said...

get well soon dear and stay cozy until you do... photos are telling me that you know how to achieve that! So beautiful! hugs bugs***

Anonymous said...

I really love the pictures, it seems to be so comfy.

WSAKE said...

hope you´re feeling better soon!
ther is no such thing as selfish knitting:)

and thank you for the link to the interview!

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

How rotten to have a cold already. I hope your feeling better soon. Looks so cosy there with all that lovely wool :)

Elizabeth McMurtry said...

*Selfish* (I agree with wsake, no such thing!) knitting, the perfect way to rest from a cold, I think :) I am sorry you are feeling bad, I wish you a speedy recovery!

alessandra said...

Thank you all for your wishes!
Wsake and Elizabeth, selfish because it's all about me me me...never for my husband! ;)
the recovery is less speedy than I wished, but hey, more knitting done then xx

Anonymous said...

What's the yarn you're using for your Agnes? It looks beautiful

alessandra said...

fringeassociation, puffin from quince&co, more details on my ravelry. it's very soft! thank you :)

eau de nil said...

i agree wholeheartedly with margaret, thank you for the link,
+ i love your jumper (that colour!)
and bubbly socks

eau de nil said...

oh, and the little table!

jane said...

feel better soon! and i love the yarn you chose! :)

Trula said...

Are you feeling better yet? Your pictures make me want to start knitting. But it's still 30 degrees around here. I would have to do it at night :)

alessandra said...

Thank you Jane x
Trula, yes much better now, thank you...knit linen or cotton ;)