I'm still here

The little collection is growing, hopefully by next week will be in my shop.
I like soft and muted colours, those you find in nature.

Have a nice weekend.


Mia said...

"I like soft and muted colours, those you find in nature."

Oh, I like them too!
Beautiful things.

Greetings from Gisa <3

Maria said...

I hope you have a cosy week end too my friend!
Lovely that blanket you have made.


alessandra said...

Hello Gisa, thank you :)

Thank you Maria! xx

SATSUMA said...

Miss youuuu!! :) i love the blanket!! artistaza!

have a nice week end!

theslowcatwalk said...

The same colours I love!
Great pictures (as always).

eau de nil said...

Alessandra, the blanket is entirely irresistible
and you know how i feel about that little wing :)
Looking forward to seeing it all together . . .

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Oh, your blanket. It is gorgeous!

Mami tiene ganas said...

PRECIOSO. Todo tiene mucho encanto. Un beso!!


Unknown said...

I like all these colors. So gorgeous.