shop update

This is it, done! the shop is updated

To make sure all is made in time,

Sorry, I can only accept orders for the mouse house set in a box, 
the mini Xmas set and all custom orders until the 2nd of December.

Thank you!



It's been quite random here lately.
At times I reach a point where too many things come at me at once. 
Then is when I stop and start to prioritize, I don't "panic", 
I say no to certain things, yes to others. 
Decisions need to be taken carefully, thought over and then worked out. 
There will be few changes in the next year...anyway,
 I'm diverging from what this post was supposed to be:
shop update------->tomorrow

*with some vintage, hot-pads and the mouse house set in a box*


mouse house xmas set

The Xmas set is available in the web-shop.
The box set can be pre-ordered, just send me a message
or it will be available in the shop next week.
Today it was sunny and I took some pictures.
There's one here too.
Yule a board of festive inspirations

* 24/11 update: I'm working on orders and I wasn't able to do a 
shop update this week, if you see something you like to purchase 
but not yet available through my Bigcartel shop please contact me. 
The mouse house box set will be ready to order next week. Thank you.


new mouse house set

A new set for the mouse house, this one doesn't need a house,
 in fact, it comes in a sweet wooden box.
The Xmas props for your dolls house can be bought separately. 
I'll show you what's inside the linen bag sometimes next week 
(more than you see on the images below).

All available to purchase in my web-shop from next week.


Thank you Xenia for your precious advice and suggestions!



With darkness approaching I like to add colours around the home.
They help me to overcome the winter blues.
I do like yellow.


A cushion made with this pattern.

Have a nice beginning of the week!