new mouse house set

A new set for the mouse house, this one doesn't need a house,
 in fact, it comes in a sweet wooden box.
The Xmas props for your dolls house can be bought separately. 
I'll show you what's inside the linen bag sometimes next week 
(more than you see on the images below).

All available to purchase in my web-shop from next week.


Thank you Xenia for your precious advice and suggestions!


Gina said...

Really appreciate how your work/creativity is evolving.

alessandra said...

thank you Gina and thank you for keep reading my blog :)

tNt said...

Ah, now I need a mouse so I can buy this set :) Lovely!

eau de nil said...

thank you, alessandra, i really enjoyed our exchanging and sharing of ideas :)
and i can't wait for mouse christmas . . .


arounna said...

love this

Françoise said...

Did you make the little wooden case as well? It's lovely.

Unknown said...

Alla mia piccola più grande verrebbe da dire: "FOOOOORRRTE!!!" Lei ama tutto che sia tiny! Ed io anche :)))