It's been quite random here lately.
At times I reach a point where too many things come at me at once. 
Then is when I stop and start to prioritize, I don't "panic", 
I say no to certain things, yes to others. 
Decisions need to be taken carefully, thought over and then worked out. 
There will be few changes in the next year...anyway,
 I'm diverging from what this post was supposed to be:
shop update------->tomorrow

*with some vintage, hot-pads and the mouse house set in a box*


SATSUMA said...

Always i love your colours Alessandra...

Hope you have beautiful days

kisses from Madrid


naa said...

everything is gorgeous... your works and also the cup!!
Good luck with the changes, I know I should make many of them myself as well....

Lo said...

Les couleurs sont apaisantes. Tes photos font du bien!
C'est tout simplement beau!

alessandra said...

Thank you Joaquina, Ana and Lo! big hug from England x

kavka said...

changes are difficult sometimes, but always bring something good, I think. The first step is the hardest. This year was full of large and smaller changes in my life. I wish you all the best and keep my fingers crossed


joanne said...

Such a beautiful bowl.
Is it one of yours?
Gorgeous blues, and such restful images - as always.
I DO wish my 18 year old daughter were ten years younger so that I could pretend to buy the Xmas mouse house set for her...

alessandra said...

Hi Joanne, the bowl rested on my shelf for a little while before I was able to finally put it in my shop. I wish I could keep all my vintage findings, but my cupboard is already full of stuff, yet I can't stop searching for treasures...thank you :)

Patrice A. said...

that cup is a beauty
i just love that first image
would like to dive in there
so calm and peaceful
i hope
the changes are good ones

alessandra said...

thank you all for the words and good wishes x

eau de nil said...

such peace and harmony, Alessandra. and clarity, too.

alessandra said...

thank you Xenia <3