mouse house xmas set

The Xmas set is available in the web-shop.
The box set can be pre-ordered, just send me a message
or it will be available in the shop next week.
Today it was sunny and I took some pictures.
There's one here too.
Yule a board of festive inspirations

* 24/11 update: I'm working on orders and I wasn't able to do a 
shop update this week, if you see something you like to purchase 
but not yet available through my Bigcartel shop please contact me. 
The mouse house box set will be ready to order next week. Thank you.


Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

The sweetest beautiful things :)

eau de nil said...

what a cosy, perfect mouse christmas this will be . . .

alessandra said...

oh thank you Polly! ^.^

alessandra said...

thank you Xenia, I wish I could shrink and have a mouse house christmas too ;)

mareike said...

aw, this is so cute!

Anna Emilia said...

Wishing to enter this room for Christmas!

Have a cozy weekend!

Unknown said...


nicole said...

I want to live in mouse-world!


Patrice A. said...

ireally have to finish
that mouse-house
my father made me
so i can decorate it
for Christmas

make some clothes
for my naked mouse too


Louise said...

Aw, what a fantastically festive time the mice will have! So nicely made, the mouse Christmas.

Maria said...

I love these all

Anonymous said...

this is sooo beautiful. You are one talented lady! :)

Unknown said...

Hello Alessandra,
I am the pieni ghost trying desperetly to finish a bit of her abandonned house for winter...
Still here times to times to see your so great new small knittings.
So pleased how you go on with your soft and own ideas in the knots shop.
See you!

alessandra said...

Thank you ladies for your sweet words here! Hello to all. I'm so pleased to see you are keep reading my blog and taking the time to leave few words!

mathilda said...

Cà me donne envie d'être une souris! It's so cute!

Lo said...

It is sooo adorable!