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I couldn't escape the bugs A. brought from school...

I wish you all a healthy, abundant, meaningful (and happy) New Year.

*a little DIY for miss A. from here via pinterest
*the title suggested by A. for this post is "new year surprise bugs" :-)



merry christmas!

eucalyptus: great look, wonderful aroma.


slowing down

Today I made a little garland with thyme and then we baked sables (French biscuits).
Hope you had a relaxed weekend.

*biscuits stamps Caroline Gomez


last shop update of 2013

Some "new" items +  AT SWIM - TWO - BIRDS cushions and potholders.

Thank you.


advent calendar

December starts with purple skies, cold mornings and long nights.
This year Advent Calendar is a bit of a cheat, I didn't have time to find 
24 little things to wrap so I made up a story: each night a star brings 
a tiny present and a little elf will look after it until morning.
That gives me the time to find the things that I want to give to her and 
the fun to make up stories together about the elf adventures to protect 
the little presents from the mischievous ninja gerbils!
Each evening I wrap something small and put it near her bedside.
It doesn't have to be anything expensive: little wooden toys bought 
at the market, stamps for her collection, wooden dice, washi tape, 
a colour wheel to understand the chemistry of colour mixing, 
a pencil, a little notebook and so. The choice is endless, 
it's all about the magic of the stories.

A simple advent calendar made in 2010 and the one made last year.

*wooden ☆ from Noushine and sons
*elf from aarikka Finland