advent calendar

December starts with purple skies, cold mornings and long nights.
This year Advent Calendar is a bit of a cheat, I didn't have time to find 
24 little things to wrap so I made up a story: each night a star brings 
a tiny present and a little elf will look after it until morning.
That gives me the time to find the things that I want to give to her and 
the fun to make up stories together about the elf adventures to protect 
the little presents from the mischievous ninja gerbils!
Each evening I wrap something small and put it near her bedside.
It doesn't have to be anything expensive: little wooden toys bought 
at the market, stamps for her collection, wooden dice, washi tape, 
a colour wheel to understand the chemistry of colour mixing, 
a pencil, a little notebook and so. The choice is endless, 
it's all about the magic of the stories.

A simple advent calendar made in 2010 and the one made last year.

*wooden ☆ from Noushine and sons
*elf from aarikka Finland 


eau de nil said...

i love this little world of wonder . . .

alessandra said...

thank you Xenia xx

Patrice A. said...

remembering the
little pink flying pig


alessandra said...

indeed Patrice, it is still flying above her bed (on a net curtain).

Bohemian girl said...

It is great that you even have time and strength to wrap little thing each night. I am sure she will have a nice collection at the end of the month. In fact, lets imagine it reverse, I wish my son was giving me little thing like that every morning, something nice he found he thought I might like and made up story with it. But our kids, they are little things and stories themselves, arent they?

alessandra said...

Bohemian girl, yes they are, they are the magic of xmas really. Thank you x