good habit + another weaving

In winter I tend not to drink much water, instead I found myself indulging on coffee,
 hence I feel de-hydrated.
Now in the morning I put my cast iron kettle on the hob and I boil water 
(a Japanese friend told me the iron of the kettle goes in the water 
and make it softer and the tea taste sweet). 
I use loose organic Sencha tea, it might seems expensive 
but you can pour water twice and in the long run it costs less than ordinary tea-bags.


I finished my weaving sample number two. 
I'll make a third one, then I will start from zero and make a small collection.


little DIY

I was a bit a upset after a friend told me that she liked my old rustic cupboard, 
shame for the plastic knob! because the knob wasn't plastic, 
but ceramic and it was more expensive than the cupboard! 
I bought the cupboard seven years ago in a thrift shop called "Bananas" 
which can give you an idea of the sort of place.
I paid £10 for the semi shattered thing and a fortune in F&B paints.
In fact, first it was painted babouche yellow, then elephant breath, 
then again down pipe and finally just white and white will stay until the end of its days.
So, to cut short this post, I made a leather handle and I like it much more now,
it adds a nice detail, a flair of junk modern.
 Unfortunately I cannot find anywhere a nice nut and bolt and 
I'm sure my friend will point out that too! 


More leather handles here and here.

UPDATE 12.02.14 This post is NOT sponsored.


my first weaving sample

I'm learning something completely new to me: weaving (or rag weaving?).
My first sample, undoubtedly full of mistakes.
I have a second hand booklet for the beginner weaver dated 1971, 
the technical vocabulary is a bit daunting. 
Trial and error, guessing and improvising, that's the way I'm learning. 
Like in everything, practice makes the master.
My background is in fine art, more specifically painting. 
I've been struggling to go back to painting in the past 15 years, 
maybe because that's not my media. 
Perhaps I found a new way to express my creativity, 
surely it makes me happy when I do it.
So, this is my first weaving sample.

*on my instagram the wip


shop update

More hot-pads in the shop
New handmade items.
More to come.
Please visit.
Thank you!

*the hotpads are in limited number, this is the last update in these colours.


in my wardrobe

I have quite a pile of un-finished projects. 
One of the resolutions I made last year was to finish any project before I'd start a new one, 
obviously it didn't happen. 
But, I'm definitely trying hard and I finished this pullover before the end of last year.
It's a simplification of this pattern  knitted with Quince and co wool, basically a neck down pattern. 
It's quite bulky and very, very warm. A happy addition to my wardrobe.
Money spent in quality yarns is never wasted.

*update 11/01: in the second image I was trying to do the focus...I like it and I added it here.


looking back and forward

2013 was for me a challenging year. 
My attitude towards it was one of being in a state of unacceptance. 
The world doesn't change, we change. 
Welcome 2014.

* new cloths soon at knots