in my wardrobe

I have quite a pile of un-finished projects. 
One of the resolutions I made last year was to finish any project before I'd start a new one, 
obviously it didn't happen. 
But, I'm definitely trying hard and I finished this pullover before the end of last year.
It's a simplification of this pattern  knitted with Quince and co wool, basically a neck down pattern. 
It's quite bulky and very, very warm. A happy addition to my wardrobe.
Money spent in quality yarns is never wasted.

*update 11/01: in the second image I was trying to do the focus...I like it and I added it here.


Britt-Marie Oskarsson said...

looks very nice!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Both pattern & wool look so wonderful, specially on you, dear Alessandra ! Good job on the knitting, that's one of the many skills I do not have !
Have a glorious & peaceful weekend !
ox baci

trees and what not said...

I keep making this deal with myself, I am currently finishing some trousers that I started mending 6 months ago, I don't know why I move on when completing something feels so good. love the pullover. h.

WSAKE said...

o wonderful and you look so sweet!

Jane Aston said...

Very nice, Love the large stitches, tight sleeves and width.

eau de nil said...

it's perfect, Alessandra.
and your hair has grown :)

alessandra said...

Thank you all :-)
Xenia, I didn't cut them since last time we met, I think I let them grow...x

Unknown said...


Patrice A. said...

wauw such a fine one!
i love the pattern and color
you look great in it
love that last pic ;^))
like you
i am letting my hair grow
i want a long braid on my back ;^))

fine weekend!

alessandra said...

Ana Atta, thank you for leaving a trace of your passage here! :-)

Patrice, yes that's my aim too, I want to let them grow and see. I mostly had my hair at the shoulders all my life, let's see...
have a fine weekend. x

Paravent said...

It is really gorgeous!! Wow, clever you! I look at this and wish I knew how to knit. Kx

Paravent said...

p.s. LOVE your hair too! I'm trying to grow mine at the moment too :) Kx

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

It looks both beautiful and comfortable.

Unknown said...

Oh cara, non torturarti!!! Almeno tu riesci ad iniziarli e poi li puoi sempre finire in base alle priorità! E le priorità cambiano ogni giorno, si sa. Peggio sto io che compro tutto l'occorrente (quando non ne ho già), faccio mille ricerche, studio, ecc e poi non inizio oppure inizio dall'ultimo nella lista delle priorità! Caotica ma mi diverto! :))))

Louise said...

It's SO nice! My resolution this year is to finish what I start too :)

Happy new year xx