little DIY

I was a bit a upset after a friend told me that she liked my old rustic cupboard, 
shame for the plastic knob! because the knob wasn't plastic, 
but ceramic and it was more expensive than the cupboard! 
I bought the cupboard seven years ago in a thrift shop called "Bananas" 
which can give you an idea of the sort of place.
I paid £10 for the semi shattered thing and a fortune in F&B paints.
In fact, first it was painted babouche yellow, then elephant breath, 
then again down pipe and finally just white and white will stay until the end of its days.
So, to cut short this post, I made a leather handle and I like it much more now,
it adds a nice detail, a flair of junk modern.
 Unfortunately I cannot find anywhere a nice nut and bolt and 
I'm sure my friend will point out that too! 


More leather handles here and here.

UPDATE 12.02.14 This post is NOT sponsored.


pomme said...

i love it and your hang plant too!

alessandra said...

ohh thank you Pomme! :-)

eau de nil said...

love it too -
and for the record,
our old cupboard has one ceramic
and one plastic knob :)