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At swim- two-birds cushions


and some details

I'm starting to get use to pine, on the bench I'll display my fav pottery, 
it should be an ever changing display (only unbreakable stuff when kids are around).
I keep my linen curtains long and I knot them (the next home we'll move in it might have higher ceilings).
I like to keep memento from our holidays.
Plants not only improve the air, are also great decorative things, 
to have plants around it helps to stay connected to nature.
I don't wait to have people around to use my best crockery, it should be enjoyed everyday.

my living | dining room part II

Finally the shelves and the bench arrived.
An average rented house is a challenge to decorate, but if you rent something neutral, 
it is possible to achieve a decent result.
When the shell of your room is not great (ugly flooring, unnecessary weird details, pvc window frames) 
all you can do is to play with details.
All in all I quite like how the whole room came out. 
The big challenge was and still is to keep it uncluttered, being a relatively small room with an odd shape 
(4.5 x4.5 m with a square L shape) it can be easily feel claustrophobic. 
I've been de-cluttering until I've left only the stuff we like/need.


my third weaving and snippets of my living|dining room.

A week has passed already, eeek! then a longer post to catch up.

I've been doing more de-cluttering at home, a chore that is never ending I think.
So, the bright yellow wall paper is gone and now the wall is white.
To be honest, I couldn't look at that wallpaper any longer
(yes, a beautiful thing indeed but a bit intrusive).
The sofa also is gone, I kept the cushions and made two covers with 
heavy linen and made two floor cushions, I'll  make one more 
and the whole thing can double as occasional single bed.
The mid-century coffee table also is gone and replaced with a small table 
made by by spielplatz and it's just great, useful and the exact size we need.
To add some colour I hung the hexagon throw on the wall 
(though the throw eventually needs to be finished...or not?) 
on the beautiful nakagawa hanger from habu textiles.

This room has an odd lighting position, 
basically two lights aligned exactly where we don't need them.
I used a heavy hook to hang my vintage Danish pendant and place it in a corner, 
I kept the cord long in a way that the pendant can go up or down, I like it down.
On the side wall there's now a pile of books and things 
(postcard from Nama design,  wooden fox from  a set from mielasiela
waiting for a bench I have ordered from a local carpenter. 
It's not going to be easy to get that job done, the carpenter is a procrastinator,
I'm waiting with my finger crossed, I had to discuss for an hour 
to make sure the design is kept simple with no additional unwanted decorative things. 
Above the bench (hopefully) I'll put a shelf, and yes, I'm still waiting for that one to be delivered,
it's been a month now.
Below, the mess pile there's my third weaving I finished last night.

On the window side, there's Xenia lovely garland and few beloved plants 
on a mid-century plant stand that still needs some work done. 
A little vintage Ercol chair for those that have hard time to get up from the floor cushions. 
On the chair a Smyrna cushion from Renilde.

On the other side of the room there's the dining table were we eat because our kitchen is tiny. 
I took that photo a little while ago. Above the table, there's a light bulb hanging, 
since I can't use a shade (the hook here is much smaller and screw directly onto the wood) 
I got a nice looking one and most importantly something that doesn't blind you while eating.
The beautiful mobile is from bookhou, the mobile deserves a better picture 
and so I will post one to show it fully next time when the whole room is done. 
A wooden bell from pi'lo (I bought it for Christmas but it's too nice that
 I decided to leave it all year around) hang from the bamboo stick that hold the linen curtain.  
On my table there are small wooden dishes from Caroline Gomez.
In the years the concept of home has changed a lot for me. 
Living in rented houses has made me more aware of the flexibility one need. 
Each house we move in is smaller than the previous one (we can't go smaller than this I guess). 
What I've learnt is to look for multi-tasks furniture,
to have less and lighter things because each move is painful and costly, 
to choose carefully because things should be bought to last, 
to not compromise because if I can't afford it I rather not have something to replace it that
 will be just temporary, to have things around that are there for a reason 
(either they remind us a place, people, or they are handmade or absolutely necessary and
beautiful to look at). 
My home is the place where I want to feel well, my peaceful retreat,
a inner and outer work in progress indeed.

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