and some details

I'm starting to get use to pine, on the bench I'll display my fav pottery, 
it should be an ever changing display (only unbreakable stuff when kids are around).
I keep my linen curtains long and I knot them (the next home we'll move in it might have higher ceilings).
I like to keep memento from our holidays.
Plants not only improve the air, are also great decorative things, 
to have plants around it helps to stay connected to nature.
I don't wait to have people around to use my best crockery, it should be enjoyed everyday.


Margie Oomen said...

Your home is beautiful , elegant simplicity:)
I loved spotting John booths mobile

mina. said...

so very beautiful ❤


naa said...


alessandra said...

Margie, I have few bookhou things around the home and they are all very beautiful, I'm so thankful those two met! ;-)

Mina, thank you :-)

Ana the zen and the art of "de-crapping" ;^)

Judy said...

Simplicidade e muito bom gosto!
Aprecio a beleza e a delicadeza de suas fotos.
Vir a sua "casita" é sempre um grande deleite.

Lo said...

I like the simplicity of your bench , and you're an artist ...I'm sure you'll make something great with the color :) please show us when it's done!
Your room looks very peaceful, it's lovely!

alessandra said...

muito obrigada Judy! :-)

Lo> thank you for the compliments, sure I will x

Paravent said...

So lovely! It's all in the details, isn't it :) Kx

Patrice A. said...

loving the atmoshere in your home
the softness, stillness and colorpalette
and i like your bench!
i am Lucky to have a father who can make anything i like of wood
he made benches for me of the same wood
which i painted white and black ;^)))

Maria said...

I love these photos ,so beautiful.
thank you.

alessandra said...

And yes Patrice you are lucky.

alessandra said...

And yes Patrice you are lucky.

WSAKE said...

oh - it´s so important not to safe the pretty things for special occasions that might not even come... we should make ourselves happy with those beautiful things...

Belle Fleur de Lis - Lotte Janssens said...

so pretty , i wish you so much good luck with your new home. enjoy all what you like and love in your own way.