I appreciate.


this post


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

I also appreciate this beautiful kind of beautiful objects. Japanese ceramics are so exquisite.

joanne said...

Oh yes.
A wonderful dedication and confirmation of you and your work.
It made me smile to read.
I can only imagine how it made you feel

alessandra said...

thank you Sonia and Joanne.
Smiling here too :)

michelle chamlee said...

Takashi Endo forever and ever. :-)

alessandra said...

Hello Michelle, thank you for leaving these words here. Yes, Endo works are above beauty.
I just visited your blog, looking forward for more.

michelle chamlee said...

Ah, thanks Alessandra.

It's a great life you have.

alessandra said...

Michelle >thank you to remind that to me, sometimes I tend to forget.