spring equinox

To celebrate spring, honey scented tulips on the table.


A couple of images from the book by Tony Birks on Lucie Rie work.
She was a remarkable woman, she had a long life and career. 
She made her first pot in 1923 and her last one in 1990.
She often said she was  'just a potter'. 
She has dedicated her life to pottery.
Despite she made pottery only, she never duplicated any of her works. 
Once she said:
'Every new work is a new beginning. Indeed, I shall never cease to be a pupil'.
At the end of her career she asked to a friend:
'Do you think I have made enough pots?'

If you want to know more about her, 
I recommend you this biography I've recently read,
'Lucie Rie: Modernist  potter, Emmanuel Cooper'
here's a review

I'm lucky to have the opportunity to see few of her works on permanent display at the
Fitzwilliam Museum and in Kettle's Yard in Cambridge.


Patrice A. said...

one of the things
i hope to learn in this life

same tulips over here
they smeel sweet ;^))


WSAKE said...

how wonderful
thank you for introducing her to us

honey scented tulips - amazing

alessandra said...
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alessandra said...

thank you Patrice :^)

Anna> yes, I was so surprised! Whne I bought them I thought they were white frilly. As far as i know tulips have no scent, but these ones have a subtle
scent of honey and it's sublime, even the colour is a pale yellow honey. Must ask the florist at the market in Cambridge more about it.

Bloesems - Lotte Janssens said...

lovely yellow tulips, such nice way to enjoy spring.