I got this ceropegia woodi by post, it was just a couple of strings.
It has grown a bit since then, and moved a lot around the house
because it seemed unhappy everywhere, until I found the best place for her 
which happens to be the bathroom.
Today I noticed some tubers along the stems,
I cut them out and re-potted some on the vase,
others in cardboard pots to start new plants.
Will see what happens.


A pile of cloths, just because they look arty
(still in the same chair waiting to be folded).

Wish you a fine weekend.



stacking pottery on the table.


making this tea:
(great for colds)
makes two mugs.

1 lemon (freshly squeezed)
lemon peel (only if the lemon is organic)
1 teaspoon of grated turmeric root
1 tablespoon of grated ginger
2 cups of water
honey (optional)

boil the water,
put the dry ingredients in your favourite teapot,
pour the freshly boiled water on the ingredients,
(not the lemon juice)
steep it for 3 minutes,
strain the tea into your favourite mug,
(now you can add the lemon juice).
drink and think positive.

*last image from my instagram



re-emerging from my dose of yearly bugs.

this time they hit hard.
Nonetheless, I've been
pinning, crocheting and drawing.
Distractions are an effective way to trick 
the mind.

(as seen on my instagram)

© 2014 Alessandra Taccia


collecting (for a shop update)

I'm collecting and making things for  a shop update.
Here few of the objects they might go for sale.

Inspiration comes from my surroundings.
Domestic landscape, everyday objects not so casually 
justapposed forming interesting patterns and colour 


last image from my instagram.


simple things

I like to stack my washed pottery,
to catch the shadows on the wall when a ray of sunshine sneak
through the window,
it only happens in sunny late afternoons and for a brief moment.

It's spring term holidays here in UK, 
slowing down the pace,
we embrace the here and now.



you read something, 
and then you think: