she feels poorly, (with temperature and a bad cough) 
she wanted to celebrate her birthday anyway
and asked me to bake her this cake.

after I prepared the mixture for the carrot cake, 
about to go into the oven, I realised the oven broke down.

our neighbours kindly bake it for us and saved the day cake.

have a nice weekend!


bastisRIKE said...

have a nice one ... hope your girl feels well again soon!

alessandra said...

already better today, thank you Rike :-)

Minna said...

Oh what a cake. Hope you´re better, this is the worst time of the year for flue and fever. And congrats!

Anna Emilia said...

Happy belated birthday to her <3

It looks magical!

alessandra said...

thank you Minna, yep, now it's my turn :-(

thank you Anna Emilia! x

eau de nil said...

do i dare show this to a?
hope you all feel better soon.

alessandra said...

yes, you must! and you are more than capable anyway ;^) xx

michelle chamlee said...

what noble neighbors!

adoring the whimsy of that cake.

alessandra said...

thank you Michelle, yes it looks like a charming old style cake :-)