I got this ceropegia woodi by post, it was just a couple of strings.
It has grown a bit since then, and moved a lot around the house
because it seemed unhappy everywhere, until I found the best place for her 
which happens to be the bathroom.
Today I noticed some tubers along the stems,
I cut them out and re-potted some on the vase,
others in cardboard pots to start new plants.
Will see what happens.


A pile of cloths, just because they look arty
(still in the same chair waiting to be folded).

Wish you a fine weekend.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

where there's life, there's hope :)
wishing you a beautiful weekend too, Alessandra.

Belle Fleur de Lis - Lotte Janssens said...

i hope your pilea is doing better ? i did not got a on the forum of what the cause could be...so i hope it is ok again.
this plant is really lovely and what i think is nice about it is that you really have to learn to know it where she likes to stand and what she likes the most : )
have a lovely weekend ❊

Annie Cholewa said...

I recently ordered some seeds to grow a rosary vine, or to try to! Yours is so pretty :)

alessandra said...

sure there is Sonia.

Lotte, yes it's seems that the stuff is gone. Indeed that applies to all plants don't you think?

Thank you Annie, it's an easy care plant that loves little water. Most info found on internet says that it loves full sun, but when I put mine on full sun on a window facing south the leaves went brown .

Unknown said...

that's funny. I have the same plant in exactly the same pot! Forgoten for months somewhere in the travaux of the second floor.
She looks not well and i told myself this afternoon i would replant the little tubers. I can tell you that works. Mine is already a twice surviver! (third i hope)

alessandra said...

Thank you Karine, I've seen my repotted plants have now new green shootings so I guess I did it right after all. It's such a great little plant, unless you completely forget about her (and let her dry to death or make her rotten for too much water), she tends to recuperate fast and easily.
Good luck with yours, I'm sure you'll get a third survivor! x