a new addition

In this issue you'll find how to care about spider plants, one of the easiest
plant to grow at home, very resilient and hard to kill.
I like this magazine very much because it makes you travel around the world,
to see things in different ways and most of all it's unpretentious.
If you don't know this magazine already, I hope you'll give it a go, 
far from the usual garden/plants magazine, it covers an array of topics,
from botanical lifestyle, real people, landscapes 
all in a spontaneous and fresh approach.

(I'm a bit behind with my new website and shop,
since issue 6 of the plant journal is out I added it in my bigcartel shop,
until my new site is ready).


few new pieces from Japan in my home.


I'm knitting a pair of socks with a yarn from habu (leaf green) I hope to 
finish them before I'll go to Berlin.

Have a nice weekend.



Patrice A. said...

grey and green
so beautiful together

Patrice A.

joanne said...

Its good to see some knitting on needles - it gives me hope that I will begin knitting again....
I dont know what keeps me from picking them up!
Gorgeous indoor plants too :)

citta-pottery said...

Thank you so much with my work.
It is a very nice and happy!

Takashi Endo

alessandra said...

Thank you Patrice and Joanne!
Hello Takashi Endo, what a nice surprise. Thank you!