two new weavings

Good Monday there,
sorry for the silence,
sometimes happens.
Many reasons why,
lack of inspiration,
too loud out there, 
didn't feel to add
my voice 
and make more noise.


two new wall hangings for sale here,
from a series called "Harlequin",
off course.


finish the unfinished project

A couple of days ago I read this post written by Karen Templer 
on her blog fringe association. 
The post inspired me to take out of my "knitting and crochet" drawer 
all those half done projects and count them. 
When I realised there were too many (twenty) I decided to do
something about it.
I put them all on the floor, looked at them and resolved to keep 
ten to finish before the end of the year.

From next year I won't be making more than two projects at a time,
which will help me curb my enthusiasm on stash hoarding, making
me save money and space, giving me more time to think about what 
I really want/need to knit or crochet

If you too have some unfinished knitting or crochet projects, 
join me either on instagram (by tagging a picture of all your 
unfinished projects you want to finish before 31.12.14 using
#finishtheunfinishedkc2014), or by adding your photos on the 
flickr pool finish the unfinished kc 2014.

Looking forward to see your projects!


it's not about what you say, it's about what you do.

Mint tea calls for sesame biscuits.

I sit down and think, then let it all go.


Thank you Olga for your delicate work.



Berlin, impressions.

Our visit to Berlin:

It rained a lot.
We walked a lot.
We talked a lot.
We ate a lot.
We learnt a lot.
We laughed (a lot).
The kids nagged a lot.
I said "no" a lot.

1 Alexanderplatz
2 TVtower
3 Brandenburg Gate
4 the remnants of the Berlin Wall
5 Ai Weiwei
(for those who have one foot in two shoes)
6 Tempelhofer 
(urban allotments on raised beds, with tables and chairs for all,
made with recycled and up-cycled materials).

few more images on my instagram