finish the unfinished project

A couple of days ago I read this post written by Karen Templer 
on her blog fringe association. 
The post inspired me to take out of my "knitting and crochet" drawer 
all those half done projects and count them. 
When I realised there were too many (twenty) I decided to do
something about it.
I put them all on the floor, looked at them and resolved to keep 
ten to finish before the end of the year.

From next year I won't be making more than two projects at a time,
which will help me curb my enthusiasm on stash hoarding, making
me save money and space, giving me more time to think about what 
I really want/need to knit or crochet

If you too have some unfinished knitting or crochet projects, 
join me either on instagram (by tagging a picture of all your 
unfinished projects you want to finish before 31.12.14 using
#finishtheunfinishedkc2014), or by adding your photos on the 
flickr pool finish the unfinished kc 2014.

Looking forward to see your projects!


Patrice A. said...

oh yes, all those unfinished projects
a knitted scarf, crocheted bedspread, a scarf and the start of a pair of socks
not that many, but boy where will i find the time....
love yours by the way
such a fine colorpallette
as usual ;^)


Bohemian girl said...

Ok, going to take a picture of mine. No no, there won't be more than two or three. Plus the sock. All right, the one I told good bye to as well but didn't find strength to get rid of it. We will see.

alessandra said...

Hello Patrice then join the challenge take that picture, go on...:^P

Magda, you too! xx

Unn Joan Magnadóttir Jensen said...

i´m joining! i have a cardigan with evil yarn, that i never seem to finish. actually i sorted my knittings just last week. i think i had about 15 unfinished projects! i have just finished most of them, but some had to go..

btw. it seems i can't upload my picture on your flickr group, but you can find it in my feed. i will try again later.

alessandra said...

great thanks! your photos is there, (there's moderation so they don't go straight in the pool).
You are almost there with your projects, hope this initiative keeps you motivated. The group is for discussions and mutual help. It would be great if more people join in.
The more the merrier ;)

WSAKE said...

wow - your unfinished pieces look wonderful!!!

Denise said...

I just love this photograph.

Belle Fleur de Lis - Lotte Janssens said...

all your projects look lovely, good luck with them


eau de nil said...

such a beautiful installation
to me they are perfect as they are
but yes, i can see all the promise . . .

Lori ann said...

love all your projects!

Donna@AllthingsMing said...

Great post such beautiful images ...great idea too!