two new weavings

Good Monday there,
sorry for the silence,
sometimes happens.
Many reasons why,
lack of inspiration,
too loud out there, 
didn't feel to add
my voice 
and make more noise.


two new wall hangings for sale here,
from a series called "Harlequin",
off course.


WSAKE said...


you´re never too loud, don´t worry:)

Bohemian girl said...

They are super. I dig them. I wish I made them. I found a kid's loom that I used to have and I found one tiny tapestry I made when I was 14 or something. It is a good technique.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

I too wonder sometimes if it really is worth keep on blogging. But then I remember I also blog for myself, and that I shouldn't be expecting too much from others. If they like what I share, then good. If they don't, that's not the end of the world.
Sending you warm thoughts, Alessandra. I hope you are doing fine.
Your last weavings are stunning, you've really found your voice here.

silverpebble said...

Subtle, lovely work. The colours are making my eyes happy

alessandra said...

thanks all :)

at swim-two-birds said...

I really feel like weaving again when seeing your lovely work here!!
love the color match

Denise said...

Beautiful work, as always.

alessandra said...

Thank you Renilde and Denise! xx

eau de nil said...

no noise here,
only harmony :)

nata pestune said...

love coming back to your blog

Andrea said...

Through your nice wallhangings, I came to check out your shop. "Do not reproduce my work in any form. Internet is not the Far West" you write this but I see really nearly the exact same 100 % handmade wool socks in your shop, which I ordered months ago at thisispaper! Coincidenc-I don't think so, and I find it a pitty. You can do better.

alessandra said...

hello Andrea, I see your point. But I wouldn't be such a fool, don't you think? I used to sell similar
(if not the same) socks 10years ago when I worked in a shop in London, in fact those bed socks are typical Ukraine bed socks, so nothing to be ashamed of if I decided to make them as well as the people from This is paper do.

alessandra said...

or better as the people from This is paper have them made in Ukraine if I'm not wrong.

alessandra said...

sorry, wrong, they are made in Siberia, just checked.

Andrea said...

Hi Alessandra, ok-the internet is full of similar objects. Sometimes I miss the individual things. But I shut up.
Your wallhangings are really beautiful. Have anice day.

alessandra said...

OK, glad you understood and now you know that I don't do anything that is not ethical and it has a good dose of respect and thinking behind it. A good day to you.

alessandra said...

thank nata and eau de nil, as you can see xenia, harmony can be disrupted here too...xx