on saturday

it was supposed to rain all day, against the odds, I dragged my family to Petersham nurseries, it turned out to be a hot and sunny day. 
We sat at the tea house had a cold drink and ice-cream (too hot to eat anything), then browsed around.
I couldn't resist to bring back home this plant and this one too. 
We spent the rest of the day at the hill and then along the river where we saw herons, ate pizza at Jamie's Trattoria (!) then we went back home.  
And so the three of us were happy, I wanted to look at/for plants, A. wanted to play and roam free in the hill and D. wanted to eat pizza ;^)


double post today, next, a tutorial to make a teepee.


WSAKE said...

looks and sounds just wonderful:=)

and: happy very belated birthday!

alessandra said...

Thank you Anna!
yes, that place seems timeless, also so English yet the owners are Italians :-)

missdillie said...

what a lovely post!! where is your blue outfit from? it looks perfect! happy belated birthday!


sounds like a perfect day!

alessandra said...

missdillie> i've made the skirt and the top is an oldie from muji. thank you :)

anon/oversizeme thanks! :)

trees and what not said...

what a beautiful nursery. Nice to see a peek of you too .

Unknown said...

Sounds like the perfect day! The nursery looks wonderful too!