a new place

It's time to "close" the door of la casita and move to another place.
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I'm also working on a website, it will take a bit of time to set up.

Thank you to those who have kindly linked, liked and left a word or two in this place.
The blog will stay for you to read if you like, but it won't be updated.
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plan B

Was to spend few days with Xenia and her family near the New Forest while they were visiting England.
We came back with cherished memories. 

Little friends.
Big friends.

*photos by K



When I was a kid I was most bored at school.
These days I'm rarely bored.
However my 9years old daughter sometimes look at me and says: I'm bored.
It seems as if i have to entertain her most of the time when she's at home.
My mum used to say to me: you are bored!? there's a pile of dishes to be washed.


We are making a lot of paper beads.

(I had no idea what a serious business paper-beads are).


hex blanket

09.09.'13 - 16.08.'14 

A lot happened while randomly crochet this blanket. 

A hundredandeightyfour hexagons.
Forty+ different colours of 4 ply wool and occasionally DK.
No two hexagons alike. 
Made with leftover wool and few odd skeins (purchased on impulse, knowing that one day I'd use them for something). 
Hoarded Collected in time (only the wool for the border was bought on purpose).
Crocheted with a 3.25mm hook.

I cannot describe the feeling of actually have finished this project!


the sea, the forest

Last week we packed our camping gear to go camping to the New Forest.
But once reached the site, the rain started, we put up the tent despite the rain pouring heavily.
Two hours after the tent was up and flooded (again). 
The rain kept pouring down and the winds were strong.
The remnants of hurricane Bertha were not about to give up easily.
But, we had a plan B and we spent few days with wonderful friends.


the sea, Isle of Wight.
the forest, New Forest.



I've been hand sewing, patch-working and stitching a lot.
I'm also working on a quilt made of fabric scraps, collected in time, inspired by japanese boro.
I will talk more about it, meanwhile you might like to see the process on my instagram or flickr

Have a nice day.