a new place

It's time to "close" the door of la casita and move to another place.
Thank you to the readers, hope you'll "follow" me here:


I'm also working on a website, it will take a bit of time to set up.

Thank you to those who have kindly linked, liked and left a word or two in this place.
The blog will stay for you to read if you like, but it won't be updated.
Please remember to always credit/link my images/work and that the content of this blog is copyright.

Thank you!



C SATHAL said...

Oh Alessandra, c'était pour moi et depuis longtemps un régal de te visiter et de te rencontrer un peu... Merci pour toute ta générosité !!
Je vais suivre Nodi avec intérêt !
Des bises

Patrice A. said...

dear alessandra
i will so miss this place
but understand the need for a new path
i will follow you to nodi
(of course!)
which already looks 'familiar'
quiet, still and with your beautiful colors
i wish you a fine weekend

Bien chiné said...

Love your blog, always full of beauty and delicacy. I will follow also in the new one. Changes are good and I my best wishes to you.

alessandra said...

Merci Celine and Nines, thank you Patrice I wish you all a good weekend! xx

eau de nil said...

what a great new beginning.
but i'll never forget lacasita, where i met you.

at swim-two-birds said...

I will follow you on nodi :)
happy weekend!

Unknown said...

Wonderful name for your new blog. Nod means knot in Romanian. It is great to be able to start afresh. I will always get back to the old blog but also look forward to following the new one. Good luck with everything you set your mind to and thank you so much for your generosity! Gabriela

Bohemian girl said...

Will there be a way to leave a comment on Nodi? I already follow you there...

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

You know what I think about new starts, it feels so good, and is energizing too. I wish you the best of time in your new venture. Is there any way to comment on your new Tumblr ?
Smart & beautiful name, by the way. Looking forward to following you there ! oxox

Louise said...

Well! What can I say? It's been great, and I'm excited for you to be starting with a new fresh space. Looking forward to it!


alessandra said...

thank you Xenia and i will be always grateful! xx

thank you Renilde and Gabriela! :)

Magda and Sonia, no, you can't leave comments, but you can re-blog or like my posts if you have a tumblr account. I have an instagram account too and I post things there as well, you can leave a word there.
Thank you!

Thank you Louise! xx

michelle chamlee said...

Another Blogspotter lost to Tumblr. Never been a fan of Tumblr myself, or at least, not for blogging purposes. I see it more as a regurgitation tool to share images found on the net. I'm surprised you will be giving up a platform that allows your readers to communicate with you through comments - seems like that connection is such a big loss. We'll be here if you change your mind. ;-)

alessandra said...

I know Michelle, it took me a long time to reach this decision. In my case it's more instagram's fault rather than tumblr, I find that there's more communication in there than in here. I thought it through and decided to use instagram so not to loose that connection. Tumblr is a regurgitation tool indeed, and it's a shame it has been used as such (although I don't use it in that way anymore). For me is now a quiet space where to gather my own inspirations and share process of my work.
I will be always grateful to blogger, but I find it easier to start with a "radical" change. Said so I will stay on blogger and keep visiting all the blogs I've been reading for the last 7 years. Thank you, I appreciate your earnest opinion. :)

michelle chamlee said...

I realize instagram is most people's go-to platform nowadays for social connectivity. I don't have an account, so I'm one of the few that does not use it. I guess I am just mourning the loss of participation within these slow, cozy platforms. Take care and enjoy your new path.

Maria said...

Thank you ♥

Denise said...

I just took a quick look around. Lovely. Cheers to new beginnings!

alessandra said...

Thank you Maria and Denise xx

Lo said...

Following you in your new adventure! Thank you so much for sharing.
Bonne rentree a tous ^_^

alessandra said...

thank you Lo :)

nata pestune said...

looking forward to see your new beautiful projects