When I was a kid I was most bored at school.
These days I'm rarely bored.
However my 9years old daughter sometimes look at me and says: I'm bored.
It seems as if i have to entertain her most of the time when she's at home.
My mum used to say to me: you are bored!? there's a pile of dishes to be washed.


We are making a lot of paper beads.

(I had no idea what a serious business paper-beads are).


Patrice A. said...

i will not show this to my youngest son
who is so not into school

i wish you a fine weekend
here the sun is out, finally

Studio Yuko Jones said...

My boys get bored too, even though they entertain most of the time. Those paper beads are cute - my 5-year-old would enjoy making those. Have a lovely Sunday, Alessandra.

eau de nil said...

when A says she's bored
i say, oh, but only boring people are bored with themselves :)
which buys me a little silence at least for a while.
now she can go off and make beads instead,
she loves your idea.

alessandra said...

Hi Patrice hope you had a good weekend. Not all the kids are into going to traditional school perhaps your boy needs more action and a different approach to learning.
Here an interesting link for you

Hello Yuko, thank you, I think paper beads are fun at all ages, give it a try with your kids.

Hi Xenia, I like that, I will tell A. next time she pulls the bored face. Happy to know A. likes to make paper beads, next time A and A should do that rather than playing cards and... ;)

Denise said...

My father's response to any comments we made about boredom was very similar to your mother's. He'd have a nice long list of all the things we could do to help out around the house if we were bored.

Anonymous said...

'the times they are a changin', as bob dylan would say. being a teacher and a mom i've seen up close how kids thirst for entertainment. yes, when we were kids i believe we were more creative and dealt better with the time in our hands.

p.s.: the paper beads are wonderful :)